Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What's Old is New - Corning Ware's Pyroceram StoveTop Line

So, as I mentioned way back in my very first post, in 2009, World Kitchen brought back the original Pyroceramic cookware to the United States market under the guise of the "Stove Top" line.

It should be noted that Corningware has been in production in Europe this whole time.  So WHY it wasn't available in the United States for 10 + years, I have no idea. 

Currently, there are 4 patterns available...  These photos came from the World Kitchen website....

Cornflower is BACK!

Simple Lines

Just White
"Just White" also comes in Saucepan shapes with handles, like Rangetoppers (but without the bonded aluminum bottom)

Shadow Iris
(mom will be happy about that)

When I originally looked at their site 3 years ago, they offered a 6 patterns, but it seems to have been discontinued already.  The only reason I know about it was because I was seriously contemplating purchasing some..  But it's really hard for me to part with all my Cornflower memories... (Even though I really am not a fan of the color blue) So I didn't purchase any.... 

The pattern was called European Herbs....
It's still available on the UK site.  (That is another Post)

The other pattern was a limited release called "Enhancements" that came in a different shape... It was called White Swirl and came in round 3.5 & 4.5 liter casserole/dutch oven shapes.  The swirl reminded me of some of the Corelle plates that have the swirl rim on them.
It is no longer available.  :(

Sadly, though World Kitchen has returned Pyroceram cookware to the American Market, the "Stove Top" line is only available ON-Line at the moment, so you can't just run down to Macy's or Target and buy a new piece during an emergency..... (That is how I ended up with my stoneware boat anchor back in 2006 that started this whole mess, culminating in this blog)

Where is your Corningware??


  1. You can buy their new Pyroceram (the Just White and one pattern is what I saw when there) at the outlet store, at least in Lancaster, PA...was there in September, 2013. They had a few sizes and two styles.

  2. Do you know where these Stove Top Pyroceram are currently made? I am interested in buying one from the shopworldkitchen website.

  3. Do you know where the Pyroceram StoveTop series are made currently? I am interested in buying a piece from the shopworldkitchen website

    1. All of the Pyroceram StoveTop line pieces are manufactured in France and imported to The States. If you have one of the "Corningware, Corelle & More" Outlet stores near you, they will sometimes carry the pieces.


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