Friday, June 14, 2013

About Oregon Without Corningware - Snake River Here I Come

Camping at the Snake River to go Crappie & Trout fishin'.  Will return when the fish quit biting.

Where is your Corningware??  (Mine's at home.... Missing it already)


  1. I got a f'ugly Corning Ware Abundance 1 Quart Casserole w/lid on the CHEAP ($3) at Alma's Flea Market (THE most amazing thing in Kings County California every Monday!).

    I have designated this piece my BBQ & campfire workhorse and have already used it on my gas grill (I set it on a CHEAP carbon steel comal I got at the local Mexican grocery store (>$4) as a heat diffuser. In it I sauteed my mushrooms and onions while burgers cooked...

    My point? ALWAYS take it with you - it'll take the abuse, and you will find the use!

  2. Thanks for the information Joseph. Nice to know I can use it on the BBQ. I will keep an eye out for a piece to designate for the grill. Cause I would love some sauted mushrooms on my burger too. Excellent Idea!


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