Corning Ware Percolators Safe for Use (Non-Recalled)

It appears that the Separation Anxiety Post regarding the 2 Corning Percolator recalls has caused some confusion;  SO, I am taking a different angle with this Percolator page and posting pictures of the SAFE (non-recalled) percolators.  What it boils down to is this.....   If your percolator is NOT on this page, it is a recalled model.  It does not matter whether it is a stove top or an Electromatic model.

Stove Top Percolators:

I urge you to notice how these SAFE Stove top percolators are designed.  They ALL have metal straps below a pyroceram spout.

P-108 in Black Starburst & Platinum Starburst

P-108A in Cornflower

P-106 in Platinum Starburst 
(possibly in Black as well, though one has not surfaced yet)

P-106A in Cornflower

P-124 in Cornflower

P-224 in All White

P-166 in Cornflower

P-166 in Spice O' Life

P-166 in Wildflower

P-166 in Just White

P-177 in Just White

Electromatic Percolators:



 (also available in Spice O' Life - No image available, sorry)


This also includes the.......

E-1210 in Cornflower

E-1210 in Spice O' Life

E-1210 in Country Festival

E-1210 in Blue Medallion (Mandala/Macrame?)

If, AND ONLY IF the 3 digit code is etched into the stainless steel band..

Other patterns in this model, such as Floral Bouquet, Just White, & Pheasants, are more than likely recalls because they were produced BEFORE the change was made in how the Stainless Steel spout was attached in 1976.

Again, if your percolator is not included in these images (both model and pattern), then it has been recalled.