Saturday, June 8, 2013

About Town with Corningware - From the Garden, Orchard and Farm

Yep, you guessed it.  This is another pattern post.  Don't worry, we are getting very close to the end.  I am running out of patterns to post about, unless I can find a piece of "Evening Song" in the near future.   Then again, the patterns I am posting are the ones that were "Officially" released in the United States by Corning.

There are other patterns I see out there on Etsy and eBay that hail from Europe (the factory in Avon, France, I assume) that look nothing like what was made and sold here.  I have seen Ivy, that is not Callaway, and blue grape leaves as well as something that looks like pink pussy-willows.

I, more than likely, will not post about these, (maybe for fun, on occasion) since I have no idea what the patterns could be, what their history is and if they are still in production or not.  As far as I know, the Avon factory never stopped producing Visions or Corningware... It just wasn't being sold in the United States after the "U.S. Consumer Products Division" was purchased by World Kitchen....

European Corningware isn't marked as such, instead, it's sold under the name Pyroflam.  (which I think was being sold by "Princess House" for awhile, just to make things confusing) So if you want to check it out sometime on Etsy or eBay, that is the "key" word to differentiate it from Corningware, which is technically a U.S. and Canada brand name.

Please allow me a moment of irritation...... 

Pay close attention all you eBay Sellers out there:   Pyrex, Centura and Corelle may be made by Corning Glass Works, but they are NOT "Corningware"!  Your propensity for listing them as such annoys me to NO end.  My time is JUST as valuable as yours, and YOU waste MY time by making me wade through massive amounts of frivolous Pyrex and Corelle listings when I am searching for actual CORNINGWARE.  I think eBay needs to institute some tougher regulations on known products to keep people from listing things like the following....

"Vintage Corningware Pyrex Corelle Crazy Daisy Pyroceram Cinderella Nesting Bowl Dinner Plate". Really?  Really, Really?!?!?!   When it's really nothing but a clear Pyrex refrigerator storage dish, or worse, a Corelle coffee mug (in Callaway no less)

Are you INSANE!!??!!??  I really just want to hunt you down and punch you in your face....  (To borrow a line from Madea). I'm  just sayin' 

OK, I am better now.   Sorry about the tangential violence...  It really IS uber frustrating sometimes, and I just have to let it out.  Thank you for letting me vent.....  :-)

OK, so we are talking about Corningware patterns from the Garden or at least Garden related in some way, shape or form...  These would include...

Garden Harvest

My Garden
 (Spring 1999)

Available in standard square pieces (with clear lids) - This is all I have ever seen in person......

but evidently, according to eBay, it was available on French White, with green lid. (I needed help on this one)

(courtesy of eBay)

This pattern coordinated with Corelle's "My Garden" which was released in 1999 as well.  I believe this was  the last pattern released before World Kitchen took over the company in November and Pyroceram was no longer manufactured for sale in the United States.  (I am sure the Corning outlet stores continued to carry it for awhile afterwards.... Sort of a "new" old stock situation)

Orchard Rose

Farm Fresh

(Courtesy of Replacements Ltd)

This was another pattern designed specifically to coordinate with "Farm Fresh" Corelle.  I have yet to see it in "person", which sort of made it a phenomenon.  I almost didn't believe that it existed in vintage version, but rather only in the stoneware AWK (After World Kitchen).  Then, lo and behold, there it was on Replacements Ltd.  So I guess it really does exist.

Where is your Corningware??


  1. Visions and original Corningware are sold on World Kitchen's website.

  2. I enjoy all of your posts. The rant about Ebay sellers made me laugh so hard, because it's soooooo true! I find myself yelling 'morons' at the screen a lot!

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