Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super Secret Saucemaker - 1 Pint Saucemaker

Well, another "find" found it's way into my hot little hands.

The most interesting thing is that I cannot find it in any of the books I have on Corningware, nor can I find it anywhere on the internet.  My guess is that it's either a "super secret squirrel piece" that was being tested by a group of consumers, or it was a promotional item.  I'm really not sure.

I see the 1 quart (P-55-B & P-64-B) and 2 quart (P-65-B) models all the time. (OK, I see the 2 quart size less frequently, but they are out there)   I had no idea that this piece ever existed and evidently neither do any of the Corningware dedicated blogs and sites, nor did any of the authors of Corningware Collectors Guides.  So in the interest of disseminating as much information as possible to everyone, THIS is my "find".

Corningware 1 Pint Saucemaker 
in Cornflower

As you can see, it's significantly smaller than my 1 Quart Wheat Saucemaker.

It requires a Petite handle (P-41-HG) instead of the regular handle (P-10-HG) used on the 1 & 2 Quart sizes.

It's marked inside up to 2 cups/16 Oz.

There is no model number on the back, like all my others.  It simply says "1 PT. Saucemaker".

The lid has no numbers on it, which I think is a little odd.  My 1 Quart lids has an A-6 on it.

Be that as it may, I am excited to have found something that seems to be unknown.  As far as using it?  Well, I can think of no better crucible for making browned butter.  :-)

Where is your Corningware??


  1. I would live to find one of these. I have the 1 qt and 2 qt and use them quite a bit!

  2. Found one of these gems sans handle and top at a street sale for like under a dollar many years ago! It's like the Ugly Duckling of vintage Corningware that no one will admit to owning. I love the thing to death; it's great for those rainy days where soup is on the mind but you do not have the balance to use a sane bowl. I harken it to prehistoric sippy cup whose lip facilitates easy draining of the dregs.

  3. I have an answer as to what the official model # is ...from CMOG its a Prototype P-5-B 1 pint Saucemaker


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