P-series Era to A-series Era Size & Lid Conversions

1962-1972 POST -1972
P-Series W-Series
Cookmates Lid = A-Series Lid Notes
P-1-B W-1-B K-SP-1 P-7-C = A-1-B A-7-C
P-1 1/2-B W-1 1/2-B
K-SP-1 1/2
P-7-C = A-1 1/2-B A-7-C
P-1 3/4-B W-1 3/4-B
K-SP-2 P-7-C = The 1 3/4 qt was discontinued
in 1972
A-2-B A-9-C New size and dimension in 1972
P-2 1/2-B W-2 1/2-B
K-SP-2 1/2
P-9-C = A-3-B A-9-C
P-4-B W-4-B P-4-C Remained in production,
unchanged, until 1984
A-5-B A-12-C New size as of 1972
P-7-B W-7-B K-SK-7 P-7-C The 7 in. skillet was discontinued
in 1972
P-9-B W-9-B K-SK-9 P-9-C = A-8-B A-9-C The A-8-B skillet discontinued w/
Wildflower in 1984
P-10-B W-10-B P-10-C The original 10 skillet size was
discontinued in 1972
P-16-B W-16-B P-12-C = A-10-B A-12-C 11 inch from P-series became the
"10 inch" in A-series
P-22-B W-22-B K-SK-10 P-12-C = A-22-B A-12-C
(4 quart)
(4 quart)
P-12-C = P-34-B
(5 quart)
A-12-C The P-34 was discontinued w/
Country Festival in 1977
P-84-B W-84-B K-DO-4 1/2
P-12-C = A-84-B A-12-C The A-84 was discontinued w/
Country Festival in 1977