Teapot & Tea Kettle Models and Patterns

Model # Pattern Size
P-103 Cornflower 3 cup
P-104 Cornflower 6 cup
P-105 Cornflower 8 cup
P-57 Cornflower 8 cup - Deluxe Kettle
P-104 1962 Christmas 6 cup
W-103 Wheat 3 cup
W-104 Wheat 6 cup
W-105 Wheat 8 cup
W-57 Wheat 8 cup - Deluxe Kettle
P-104 Early American 6 cup
P-203 Just White 3 cup
P-204 Just White 6 cup
K-TP-7 White Cookmates 7 cup
TK-2 White Cookmates 8 cup - Deluxe Kettle
TP-6 White Cookmates 6 cup
P-104 Fall Leaves 6 cup
P-104 Game Birds 6 cup
P-57 Game Birds 8 cup - Deluxe Kettle
P-103 Floral Bouquet 3 cup
P-104 Floral Bouquet 6 cup
TP-6 Floral Bouquet Cookmates 6 cup
P-104 Bantry 6 cup
P-104 Canterbury 6 cup
P-104 Chelsea 6 cup
P-104 Lancaster 6 cup
P-104 Spice o' Life 6 cup
P-107 Spice o' Life 7 cup
P-104 Merry Mushroom 6 cup
P-107 Merry Mushroom 7 cup
P-104 Country Festival 6 cup
P-104 Wildflower 6 cup
P-104 April 6 cup
P-104 Blue Heather 6 cup
P-104 Indian Summer 6 cup
P-104 Meadow 6 cup
P-104 Strawberry Sunday 6 cup
P-104 Pastel Floral 6 cup
P-104 Shadow Iris 6 cup


  1. What about p-57-B 3 qt teakettle what year

  2. Can anyone provide a picture of any of the following:

    P-104 Early American 6 cup Teapot
    P-104 Fall Leaves 6 cup Teapot
    P-104 Strawberry Sunday 6 cup Teapot

    Please send pics to: michigansniper@yahoo.com

    Thank you in advance. -Brian

  3. I am looking for the black handle for a 8 cup corning ware teapot, I have the steel ring and screw. Can you help me in this regard.
    Kind Regards
    Richard Spearman

  4. The blog about the black handle for a corning ware tea pot( by Unknown) was me.

  5. I recently acquired a spice of life teapot in remarkable condition, however it has no makers marks, style number, or capacity indications (it's a 6 cup) also, the spice of life motif seems to be upside Down!!
    Any thoughts??

  6. I have the Cornong P-57-B Cornflower tea kettle. It does not look safe. The handle/rim is just glued on. Are all versions of the teakettle designed this way. Mine looks like the rim/handle has been re-glued on, since it is off center to the spout. Has anyone found a way for this to be used safely?

  7. What type of screw would I use if I wanted to replace one on a Blue Heather teapot? The screw is rusty on the inside but the rest of the pot looks alright.