Teapot & Tea Kettle Models and Patterns

Model # Pattern Size
P-103 Cornflower 3 cup
P-104 Cornflower 6 cup
P-105 Cornflower 8 cup
P-57 Cornflower 8 cup - Deluxe Kettle
P-104 1962 Christmas 6 cup
W-103 Wheat 3 cup
W-104 Wheat 6 cup
W-105 Wheat 8 cup
W-57 Wheat 8 cup - Deluxe Kettle
P-104 Early American 6 cup
P-203 Just White 3 cup
P-204 Just White 6 cup
K-TP-7 White Cookmates 7 cup
TK-2 White Cookmates 8 cup - Deluxe Kettle
TP-6 White Cookmates 6 cup
P-104 Fall Leaves 6 cup
P-104 Game Birds 6 cup
P-57 Game Birds 8 cup - Deluxe Kettle
P-103 Floral Bouquet 3 cup
P-104 Floral Bouquet 6 cup
TP-6 Floral Bouquet Cookmates 6 cup
P-104 Bantry 6 cup
P-104 Canterbury 6 cup
P-104 Chelsea 6 cup
P-104 Lancaster 6 cup
P-104 Spice o' Life 6 cup
P-107 Spice o' Life 7 cup
P-104 Merry Mushroom 6 cup
P-107 Merry Mushroom 7 cup
P-104 Country Festival 6 cup
P-104 Wildflower 6 cup
P-104 April 6 cup
P-104 Blue Heather 6 cup
P-104 Indian Summer 6 cup
P-104 Meadow 6 cup
P-104 Strawberry Sunday 6 cup
P-104 Pastel Floral 6 cup
P-104 Shadow Iris 6 cup


  1. What about p-57-B 3 qt teakettle what year

  2. Can anyone provide a picture of any of the following:

    P-104 Early American 6 cup Teapot
    P-104 Fall Leaves 6 cup Teapot
    P-104 Strawberry Sunday 6 cup Teapot

    Please send pics to: michigansniper@yahoo.com

    Thank you in advance. -Brian

  3. I am looking for the black handle for a 8 cup corning ware teapot, I have the steel ring and screw. Can you help me in this regard.
    Kind Regards
    Richard Spearman

  4. The blog about the black handle for a corning ware tea pot( by Unknown) was me.

  5. I recently acquired a spice of life teapot in remarkable condition, however it has no makers marks, style number, or capacity indications (it's a 6 cup) also, the spice of life motif seems to be upside Down!!
    Any thoughts??

  6. I have the Cornong P-57-B Cornflower tea kettle. It does not look safe. The handle/rim is just glued on. Are all versions of the teakettle designed this way. Mine looks like the rim/handle has been re-glued on, since it is off center to the spout. Has anyone found a way for this to be used safely?

  7. What type of screw would I use if I wanted to replace one on a Blue Heather teapot? The screw is rusty on the inside but the rest of the pot looks alright.

  8. You show a P107 on the known Country Festival list, but I can't find it anywhere else online or even a picture of one. I've only ever seen the P107 in Merry Mushroom and SOL. Have you ever seen one in Country Festival?

    1. The P-107 in Country Festival does not look like the other P-107s from the United States. This was a Canadian release, and looks like the P-106, but without the Drip Cone for making coffee.

      It's just a numbers game.

      It's also why I didn't include it in this Teapot list, only in the actual Country Festival Pattern List. It's like Schrodinger's Cat. It exists, but it doesn't really exist in the United States, even though it does, just under a different number and with a filter drip cone.


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