Saturday, June 22, 2013

About Town with Corningware - An Ocean with a View

Oceanview (1997-1998) is often confused with Mediterraneo because the designs are so similar.  Mediterraneo was a later Corelle pattern released 4 years after Pyroceramic Corningware had been removed from the As far as the Corelle goes, the original Oceanview pattern was only slightly modified for the release of Metiderraneo, so all the pieces will coordinate together as they are similar enough.

Oceanview was another one of those patterns that jumped from Classic Square Cookware....

to French White...

Where is your Corningware?


  1. I have never seen this pattern, but... Wow, I like it!

  2. This is the pattern I have, in the classic square cookware. Never knew the name before, thanks!


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