Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Across the Pond With Corningware - Corning in the U.K.

So, I have already posted about the new old Corningware now available in the United States after a decade of "exile", as it were.  During it's absence, Corningware (Pyroflam) was busy "backpacking" through Europe, apparently.  Here are some of the patterns that are currently available as well as a couple of discontinued ones (though I have no specific dates for the discontinued lines from Europe)

All of these pictures are from the World Kitchen UK site.

(I believe this is discontinued in the UK)
European Herb
(I believe this is discontinued in the UK)
Cool Pansies
Warm Pansies

Pretty Pink
Apricot Grove
(Yep, Still available in the UK)
Hot Dots
(The picture is terrible, but its the only one I can find)

(discontinued - but available in the Simply Lite line)

Curious about what is available on the "Asia Pacific" site?  There were too many for me to even begin thinking about posting.  So here is the link for both the Classic Cookware line (Square) and the newer shaped Dimensions Cookware line (The shape is the same as both the Pansy designs above and Lilyville)

Where is your Corningware/Pyroflam??

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  1. Wow, these are awesome - glad to know what Pyroflam is now, came across it recently and thought it was a knockoff or something. I love that herb one.


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