Monday, June 3, 2013

About Town With Corningware - Oh, Rose Marie, I Love You

Actually, the pattern name is Rosemarie, all one word... But the Slim Whitman song keeps going through my head, so I had to use it in the title, to make it go away.  LOL

Rosemarie was available from 1995-1998....   The point in time when Corning was releasing pattern after pattern in order to boost sales.  It's fairly rare, though not as rare as some other patterns that were only produced for 1 year.   It almost looks like tulips, but I think it's stylized Rosemary.... Thus the name. 

True, the rosemary we normally see has blue flowers.....

but there are several pink Rosemary varieties... Rosmarinus officinalis 'Roseus"

and Pendent Rosemary

and Majorca Rosemary

What do you think?

Where is your Corningware??

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