Wednesday, May 29, 2013

About Town With Corningware - Tea for Four and Four for Tea

Found, at my brother's house... Didn't even know my Sister-in-law had this one.

After a little research, I found that this is but one from a series of 4 teapots made by Corning in 1971.  The series was called "Garden of Teapots".   As far as I know, this was for 6 cup teapots ONLY and does not extend to any Corning Ware casserole, percolator or ovenware pieces.

My sister-in-law's teapot is called "Bantry". It's strawberries and what I think are buttercups, though they could be yellow wild roses.  This should not be confused with "Strawberry Sunday" which is only strawberries and no buttercups.

As luck would have it, my Aunt has Chelsea with what are either blue daisies or asters, not sure which.

The other 2 teapots in the series were Canterbury (blue bells/harebells with violets)

and Lancaster (Yellow Tea Roses with Blue flower accents).

Where is your Corningware??

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