Saturday, May 4, 2013

About Town With Corningware - Mysteries of the Heart

Mystery pattern seen around town.

Do you have this pattern?  Do you know it's name?  I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the "body" of the piece is actually a beige color, not white.  (one of the infamous "beige" color pieces that seem to be fairly rare.  Like French Black rare.

Where is your Corningware?

Update:  Thanks to an anonymous reader comment, it has come to my attention that this pattern is called "Forever Yours"

This pattern was released in 1990 along with Symphony.  Both were beige in color, instead of white, and came with amber colored lids, instead of clear ones. Both were also discontinued in 1993.


  1. The pattern name is "Forever Yours".

  2. I love this pattern! It's not very common and it is actually beige glass. Lids are clear brown.

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    1. I found this today at a thrift store....

      I didn't know they made those at all, I wonder if they exist for other patterns...


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