Monday, May 27, 2013

About Town With Corningware - Blue Monday

I decided to group all these together, because they all have one thing in common.....  "Blue"  Not so much that the color of the pattern is blue, even though it is, but the pattern name itself contains the word "blue".  

Blue Dusk

Blue Velvet

Blue Heart

Provincial Blue

Blue Heather
(Designer Casserole Series that includes April, Indian Summer and Meadow )

Which was a specialty piece made to coordinate with the Corelle pattern and the Teapot. (seen below)

And just for fun.....  
Blue Cornflower
 (1957-1988) (2009-Present)

Technically, it's just "Cornflower", but most people, including myself, refer to it as "Blue" Cornflower to differentiate it from "Country Cornflower"

Where is your Corningware??


  1. I have a few pieces with the Blue Velvet design and my mother says she got them some time in the late 60's to early 70's. Definitely before Nov. 1972 when I was born.

  2. It is entirely feasable, considering Corning's track record, that you mother got in on one of Corning's test markets. Check the handles, they will let you know the approximate date they are from. If they are wide, then they are post 1972. If the original P-10-HG handle fits (narrow handle), then they are pre-1972.

    Blue Velvet was one of the patterns mass market released in tandem with matching Corelle dinnerware (also called Blue Velvet) so they coordinated. Call away (ivy) was the same way. It was all done to bolster sales in the 90s.

  3. I was wondering if the blue velvet pattern can be used on the stove too. it doesn't say anything on it, but it looks the same as my cornflower pieces. just curious. thank you very much. :-)

  4. Greetings Gary, Yes, the Blue Velvet pattern is a vintage pattern on Pyroceram so it may be used on the stove top and under the broiler as well as in the oven and Microwave.

    1. I have the original one with the glass lid. It sounds like cast iron instead of glass.

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