Wednesday, May 1, 2013

About Town With Corningware - Amana Radarange & Litton Browning Skillet

Found at the local Good Will.

Browning skillet made "expressly" for Amana.  I believe they were given as a "free gift" with the purchase of a Radarange.  (Microwave Oven)

I only know this as Blue Colonial House. (I don't know if that is the "official" Pattern name though)

Corningware also produced a "round" skillet (with detachable handle) for Litton (another maker of Microwave ovens)

The bottom is textured, which makes it an interesting piece for collectors I suppose, since all of the others I have seen have a smooth bottom.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should have grabbed that one. 

Where is your Corningware??


  1. I had an Amana Radarange, and I have a browning skillet. Now I will have to go look what the browning skillet says on the bottom.

  2. ....dragging up almost 2 year-old posts again.

    I just recently found an A-series Amana browning skillet. It has the same "Blue Colonial House" but appears to be slightly larger than the P-series I already had. The model number is printed under the handle:
    "Corning Browning Skillet MW-A-10"
    "Made expressly for"
    "Amana Radarange"

    So there's a P series and an A series skillet out there, and I've seen menuette pieces on e-bay, any idea how many different pieces were made like this?

  3. I found a skillet yesterday with the wording above in black and a slightly different format so I hope you get an answer Tom.

  4. Just scored the Litton skillet w/ the handle! So great to be able to find info. on it here.

  5. I have a browning skillet (with the Colonial house), but it doesn't have any numbering anywhere. Has the "made for the Amana Radarange" in black on the bottom. Can't wait to use it today!!

  6. I have the browning skillet made expressly for the Amana Radaranger. Since I don't own a Radaranger can I use it in my Panasonic 1300w high power microwave?

    1. Yes, you may, Jackie. However, the cooking times will be shortened a little bit, due to the higher wattage of your microwave.

      Corning made several "Patterns" for dfferent microwave manufacturers. There is the Amana pattern, the Sears pattern, the Montgomery Wards pattern as well as one for Norelco and several miscellaneous ones that were sold directly from Corning Glass Works. All of them will work the same, regardless of which microwave they are used in. These were all primarily manufactured to help sell microwaves.

      Sort of a "Look! It comes with a free dish" sort of thing...

  7. I have the exact browning skillet. I just wondered how old it is.

  8. Does this actually brown like the “ CORNING WARE MICROWAVE BROWNER GRILL MW-3 WHITE” I just ‘won’ this on EBay last week. The MW-3 was used to cook a leg quarter on it in about 3 minutes, it worked great and looking to buy another “browning” dish. There are plenty of non-porcelain, plastic/rubber items on Amazon. Just bought a MW-3 for my daughter. But, want this A-10 (10” square) which does have the “gray” liner underneath which gets really hot and causes the searing/browning of food, works amazingly! Get one. But, I want the larger 12” with lid, set two or three quarters in it and walk away... So, does this “ Corning Browning Skillet Made Expressly For Amana Radarange Microwave 12"x12"x2"” actually sear/brown the food like pizza and crisp bacon?