Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This Ain't Your Mamma's Wheat Pattern - Gold Wheat? Green Wheat? Avocado Wheat? Harvest Wheat? Wheat Sheaf? Wheat Floral?

I have become the proud owner of a mystery.  As you may know by now, my favorite pattern is Corning's Wheat pattern. (that was suppose to be the original design)

The Wheat pattern, while loosing out in favor of the Cornflower in Corning's haste to get their product to market, was eventually revisited in the mid to late 60s, but no later than 1971 when the shape of Corningware as modified and the A-series was born; for there are no A-series Wheat pieces of which I am aware.  That being said, it has come to my attention that there was ANOTHER wheat pattern.

When I originally saw the P-21 Roaster on eBay over a year ago, I just assumed that it was a test pattern. (There were A LOT of test patterns)  As far as I know, test patterns weren't produced in full sets and more than likely consisted of 1 piece.  Thus, I made note of it, but pretty much ignored it, since it wasn't an actual pattern.

 (Photo courtesy of an eBay listing by )

Well, I stand corrected.  I am now in possession of a 1 3/4 quart saucepan (P-1 3/4-B) in the pattern and.........

I know someone who possesses a 1 quart saucepan (P-1-B).  (Thanks for letting me use your picture Heather!)

Evidently this really WAS a pattern, however, is no documentation ANYWHERE on the name.  I have seen it referred to as "Green Wheat", "Avocado Wheat", "Gold Wheat", "Wheat Floral" or "Harvest Wheat".  Personally, since I collect "Wheat", I like to refer to this as "Wheat Sheaf".

It is a strange color, not quite the same taupe-ish color of the J.C. Penney exclusive pattern....

Nor as Avocado-y as the Avocado Medallion.

It's most definitely not as brown as the official "Wheat" pattern. (which also appears on Pyrex in blue, BTW)

I think of it as a kind of a weird greenish gold color.....  It changes shade, depending on the other colors around it.  All in all, it's very odd.  I like it though.  It kind of suits my own weird, odd and strange nature.  It's interesting and different, unlike most of the other patterns of the time.  The wheat stalk count seems to change depending on the size of the piece.  The official Wheat pattern doesn't do that and neither do Trefoil nor Cornflower.  Though Cornflower changes to a vertical orientation on Percolators and has a few "leaflet" anomalies here and there. 

If anyone has any information on this pattern, such as official name, pieces made, or time frame, I would greatly appreciate it.  

As of 07-28-2022, the name of this pattern has been revealed as "Avocado Wheat" available exclusively to Atlantic Richland Company card holders (ARCO gas) around 1970.

Where is your Corningware??


  1. I find one P21 Roaster and two P41B, I have the photos but don't know how to send them to you. Best regards. Francisco Yabar

  2. thanks for your info on this i also possess a p-41-b petite and have searched for hours for the name

  3. i have the 10 " square ...cant find out much about it ..any idea of it value ?


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