Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Visions" of Risotto - Baby Greens and Chevre Risotto

SO, I found this interesting White Corningware pot at the Goodwill awhile back.  It is marked as a "Visions H 12" (with no hyphen) even though it is white.  It had no lid, so I had no idea whether this was a goof at the Martinsville plant (who produced Visions in the U.S.) or if it was made this way on purpose.

I decided to drag it home anyway and started poking around on the Internet to see what I could find out about it.  Evidently, this is the Visions Chicken Fryer.  I still cannot explain why it is white, for there are Amber and Cranberry Chicken Fryers too.  In fact, the lids for the Amber and Cranberry Chicken Fryers (V-12-C) will fit this white model as well.  It's all very strange and weird, but I don't judge. Besides, I know there is a clear V-12 lid out there, somewhere.

The only conclusion I can draw, at this point, is that Visions made a white model of their Chicken Fryer to accompany the Rangetop line from the 80s. (as opposed to the Rangetoppers line from the late 70s)  The Rangetop line is better known as the S-series round saucepans that have "built in" pyroceram handles attached to their sides and no aluminum on their bottoms.   

After my research I began wondering what I was going to use it for, since I don't fry chicken.  I already have perfectly serviceable pieces of Corningware and didn't really NEED another one, unless it could serve a special purpose beyond what my Cornflower or Wheat pieces were capable of.  I was just about to sell it on eBay or something when it hit me......  with the higher sides (significantly higher than those of the P-series "skillets") this would be perfect as a saute pan.   I have always wondered.... for all the lines that Corningware produced, they really only produced Skillets and Sauce Pans (OK, and Bakeware) which have different dimensions than Saute, Chef or Windsor style pans.

And thus it was, armed with my new Corningware "Saute" pan, I embarked upon one of my favorite dishes....   Risotto.

Historically I have made my Risotto in my 10 inch Pyroceram Skillet (with Pyroceram Lid), but I have discovered that this mysterious white "Visions" Chicken fryer is the best possible pot for making Risotto.  (I am sure that a Visions Amber or Cranberry would work just as well)  It's dimensions are perfect for providing just the right amount of surface area for the liquid evaporate at the perfect rate.  As an added bonus, the waffle bottom ensures there will be absolutely no stickage AND it provides a secondary surface for gently abrading the rice grains to release to perfect amount of amylopectin into the stock, thus creating a perfectly creamy sauce to envelope the perfectly al dente rice grains.

Did I mention that this pot is "Perfect"?  LOVE IT!!!!

There is something about making Risotto in Corningware that I must caution you on.  Corningware holds onto heat like cast iron.  Because of this, and especially with Risotto, you will need to remove the dish from the stove just before the rice would be considered "al dente", in other words, you want it to be a little under-done.  It will continue to cook for a good 3-5 minutes while it is in the "resting" phase and be perfect afterwards.  Remember.... Squishy Risotto defeats the whole purpose.

I have gotten hooked on the "Power Greens" mixes that have been available in the stores lately, but this is just as delicious with ALL Baby Spinach or ALL Arugula... (though you may want to give those a rough chop first)  I just think the mixture of Spinach, Chard and Kale, makes it a little more interesting.

Baby Greens and Chevre Risotto

2 TB Olive Oil
1 Shallot, minced
1 cup Arborio Rice
1/2 cup Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or other White Wine
3 - 3 1/2 cups Chicken Stock
5 oz Power Greens (Baby Kale, Baby Chard, Baby Spinach, etc)
4 oz Chevre or Montrachet, crumbled

Corningware "Visions" V-12 Chicken Fryer or Corningware 10 inch Skillet (P-10)
Corningware 6 cup Teapot (P-104)

Begin by pouring the Chicken Stock into your 6 cup Teapot (P-104) and setting it over Medium-Low flame. (It needs to come to a simmer)

So while you are waiting, go ahead and crumble up the Chevre and set it aside. (It's easier to crumble when it's cold)

Place Olive Oil in the V-12 Chicken Fryer and set it over Medium flame.

Once the Oil is hot, toss in the Shallots, sauteing until softened.

Add the Rice and saute until it begins to smell nutty.  (about 5 minutes)

Add the Wine and stir until it has evaporated down slightly and a sauce begins to form.

Pour in a little bit of Chicken Stock, and continue stirring.

Continue in this way until you have used about 1/2 of the Chicken Stock.

Add the Greens to the pot and stir until they have wilted down and mixed in with the rice.

You probably won't need to add any stock for a few minutes, as the greens wilt down, they will release liquid into the risotto.

Continue adding stock and stirring until the rice is only a little bit toothy. (yes, you will have to check it with a spoon - cooking times always vary from 16-20 minutes as does the amount of stock needed)

Remove the V-12 Chicken Fryer from the stove and add the crumbled Chevre.

Cover with a Dish towel and allow the Risotto to rest for 3-5 minutes.

Stir everything together to achieve creamy deliciousness.



Where is your Corningware??


  1. Oh my, that looks delicious! I would have to sneak in the chèvre, hubby thinks he would never eat it. Shhhhh.... You are sworn to secrecy, he has eaten it quite a few times. I saw the broth was from Trader Joe's, I love that store, too bad the closest one is like 200 miles away. I got to visit one on Marlton NJ this past weekend, I was in heaven!

  2. I promise, I won't say a word... :)

    Trader Joe's is 200 miles away? That is TERRIBLE! I promise to stop complaining that I have to drive 20 miles to my nearest one. I keep hoping they will put one in East Multnomah county near Mt. Hood Community College to serve the Corbett, Troutdale, Gresham, Fairview & Woodvillage area. Heck, they would probably get business from Sandy & Orient too. Alas, they have not. So I have to drive either south into Clackamas on 82nd or clear in to 42nd street and Halsey in the Hollywood district of Portland. I live on 332nd out in Corbett so it's a little bit of a trek.

    I don't have Trader Joe's stock though, I like the Pacific brand and, I will admit, even Rachel Ray's brand is pretty good too. (though it annoys me when celebrities slap their names on stuff) LOL


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