Thursday, March 20, 2014

About Town With Corningware - American Oil Star Promotional

I cannot find any information on this pattern other than the fact that this was a promotional design for American Oil (AMOCO) customers, similar to the way Shell Oil had the Green & Blue Macrame made as a promotional for their customers. 

I have seen several different pieces in this pattern. The above picture is from a 1 3/4 quart Saucepan at the Good Will, but there are many others.

The 1.5 quart oblong loaf pan (P-4-B)

(courtesy of eBay)
a 1 3/4 quart (P-1 3/4-B),

(courtesy of Etsy)
a 1 quart (P-1-B)

(courtesy of Etsy)
 the 9 inch skillet (P-9-B)

 (courtesy of Etsy)
 some petite pans (P-41),

(courtesy of eBay) 
and even a 1 quart Saucemaker (P-55)

(courtesy of eBay) 
and a 2 quart Bread Pan (P-315)

Other pieces known to exist are the P-309 Pie Plate, the P-43 Petite pan as well as the P-10-B 10 inch Skillet.

As far as I have been able to discern, unlike the Shell Oil Medallion pattern, the American Oil pattern predates 1972, so all pieces are P-series.

Where is your Corningware??


  1. I am really enjoying your blog. One question, do you know if the handles for the P series are dishwasher or dishwashing safe? I found one at a thrift store that seems to have something like rust on the inside. trying to think of a way to clean/restore it.

  2. Sorry for the delay, I just realized that my reply never showed up in the comments.

    Crazy Blogger.... Anyway, I would suggest cleaning with a scrubby sponge and Barkeepers Friend... The dishwasher will damage the Bakelite handle.


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