Saturday, March 22, 2014

Puttin' a Lid On It - Corning Ware Petites and Lids

I'm sure you have seen those cute little petite pans (P-41 & P-43) floating around town in various thrift stores.  Though most of them are devoid of their covers, more than likely because they were purchased that way, there are covers available.  Several in fact.

Let us begin with the most sought after... The infamous P-41-GC (Glass Cover).  Originally made in the USA, they are being reproduced in Thailand and sold at the Outlet Stores, though these new lids are marked as P-40-C.  So remember, when shopping on eBay for glass petite lids, the numbers give them away.  P-40-C = Replacement Petite Lid from Thailand..... P-41-GC = Vintage Petite Lid.

Corning also made several plastic covers, though these are known as P-43-PCs (Plastic Covers)... I don't know why they switched from the 41 to the 43 designation for the plastic covers.

There are two versions of the same design.  The type that leaves the lugs exposed.  The original 1st generation style was made of the same opaque plastic as the cover for the P-315 bread dish (seen on P-41-B).  Sadly, these have a tendency to yellow over time.  The 2nd generation release of this type of lid was made of a clear hard plastic (seen on the P-43-B).  While these didn't discolor, they cracked easily.

Eventually Corning released the "3rd Generation" plastic lid, still marked as P-43-PC.  These are made of a softer, more rubbery plastic that covered the lugs. They are also still available at some Outlets.  (I just bought 5 of them at the Outlet in Centralia, WA a couple years ago)

Fear not though, for even if you have none of the above covers for your Petites, I will let you in on a little secret.  The reason they were originally sold without lids is that they were designed to be flipped over and used as lids themselves.

This is the reason for the strange design of the lugs on the Petites.

Where is your Corningware??


  1. Nice to see your w-41 and w-43! I just found 2 pastel bouquet p-43s with glass lids on Friday at a thrift, so I had to double check, and they are the original p-41-gc lids. I also have some 1st and 3rd generation plastic lids, but I didn't know about the 2nd generation lids, so now I'll be on the lookout for those, too! Thanks for the great post!

  2. I accidentally broke my p-41-gc lids. I really use these little petit pans and I have been looking for the lids in thrift stores without much luck. To purchase them on ebay is way too expensive. I am glad to know that there is a replacement lid available, which will fit. I will go to an outlet and see what I can find.

  3. I found one of those lids with Blue cornflower petit pans and wanted to use it with my Wheat petite pan. It's a GC, thank heavens!

  4. Also, I think the 1st gen glass lids say "pyrex" along the side, where the second generation ones do not. Not sure about the most recent crop, as I've never seen them.

  5. We have some clear, hard plastic lids marked 'Corningware P-43-PC Cover, For Microwave and Refrigerator Use, Dishwasher Top Shelf, Not For Rangetop, Oven or Broiler'. I believe the white plastic lids are not microwave safe.

  6. Oh Shane, you did it again -- made my day! Thank you so much for all your awesome information and tips. I was sitting here with a petit pan uncovered in the oven trying to figure out what I was going to do to find a good lid at a decent price and now I know I can just put another petit pan upside down on top -- yea!! And if I do spring for a glass lid now I know what the GC is about. Who knew?!

    Any tips for lids on loaf pans? Sadly when I bought my Corning Cornflower Blue loaf pans I did not realize I might ever wish to have lids, but nowadays and esp. with winter coming on I love the idea of making different breads, (date nut bread, pumpkin bread, and so on) and leaving it on the table with a secure lid ready for anyone to eat.

  7. I collected for years petite dishes with glass lids. I have cornflower,spice of life with glass lids to anyone that is a cook and needs them. All in beautiful condition and ready to use. The glass lids are authentic. Not made in thailand

    1. If you still check back here, I would like a glass cover for P 43 b in spice of life. I will check back soon!