Monday, September 7, 2015

Corning Ware Electromatics 1963 Booklet - Scanned

The Corning Ware Eectromatics Use & Care booklet from 1963(ish). 

This is a slightly later publication, as it includes the Immersible Warming Tray (P-54), which was not released until a little later.  The Skillet (P-12-ES base with P-22 skillet) and the 10 cup Percolator (P-23-EP/P-13-EP) were released in 1962.  Sadly, there is no mention of the P-49 Dual Temperature version of the Immersible platter.


Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. I need a cord for the warming tray. Any ideas for a substitute core?

    1. The only other place, besides eBay, that I can think of is Classic Kitchens and More.... They sell reproductions of the proprietary percolator cord that was used on the P-80-EP, P-6-EP and E-1210. The cord for those percolators will work with the Warming Tray as well.

  2. I have a question about an odd item made by Corning/Pyrex and sold only briefly in 1963/64 and I haven't been able to find a single mention of it anywhere in the Pyrex or Corning annals.
    In late 1963, shortly before the holiday season, I bought a "new" coffee brewer, electric, that had a base and handle similar to the clear glass Corning percolators but had straight sides. It was called the "Express-o-lator" and was a French press - but long before the French press became popular in the U.S. Unlike the regular French presses, this had a cloth filter that was sandwiched between two mesh "plates" on the business end of the press. It worked the same way but the water was heated electrically until close to boiling when it reverted to low heat and then the press was pushed down manually.
    My husband loved it and when we divorced the following year, he asked to keep it and as we had several other coffee brewers, that was fine with me.
    By the middle of the next year, the thing had disappeared from stores, never to be seen again.
    When I began collecting coffee brewers in earnest, about 30 years ago, I looked for but never found one. I even wrote to Corning but the response was less than informative. I was referred to an "archivist" but he could find nothing except what appeared to be part of a patent application for an "electric French press" but no drawings or photos. This was prior to the internet, in the late '80s and was conducted by snail mail.
    Anyway, a couple of days ago I was at the local senior center and happened to mention my quest for the elusive brewer and two women who live together, a woman and her sister in law, both widows, piped up and said, we each had one of those - in fact one bought hers on the day President Kennedy was assassinated. One told me that at the time they were living across the street from each other and when one found something useful they would pass on the info. They said another family member bought one but it broke while she was pushing down on the press and suffered a scalded arm. One of the ladies broke hers "years ago" but the other said she had used hers up until the time she relocated here and donated it to Goodwill.
    I did phone and ask my ex about in the early '90s and he recalled it but said he had discarded it when he moved into an assisted living facility a few years earlier.
    It was a straight-sided glass vessel with a metal "cage but had a black plastic handle and base as on the electric Corning percolators - E-1112. The plunger had a wide flat "knob" at the top to make it easier to push with the flat of the hand.

    I have a number of the coffee brewers in my collection pictured on my blog:
    While I am no longer actively collecting, my curiosity about this rather elusive brewer prompts me to inquire of anyone who also collects, if they know about it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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