Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Corning Ware Electromatic Dutch Oven and Skillet Booklet - Scanned

Most collectors are familiar with the Electromatic Skillet (P-12-ES heater base & P-22-B dish) and the short lived P-53 Self-Timing Saucepan (only available in 1963).  There was another Electromatic cooking vessel, however.

In the mid to late 60s Corning decided to "up the ante", as it were.  They took the 4 quart Sauce Pot (P-84) and ground the bottom flat, paired it with the P-12-ES heater base and a P-34-R wire rack (borrowed from the P-34 Dutch Oven), then sold it as the Electromatic Dutch Oven (P-86).

Because the bottom of the Dutch Oven is narrower than the Skillet, it slides back and forth between the black handles that corral the Skillet and keep it firmly in place.   Thus, the Dutch  Oven came with a special chrome "fence" (P-12-F) that wedged around the handles of the heater base to keep the Dutch Oven from sliding off.

The Dutch Oven was also available, paired with the skillet dish, in a complete set.  (P-12-ES, P-22-B, P-86-B with a single P-12-C cover, a P-34-R rack and the P-12-F Fence ).  Below is the booklet that was included with these Electromatic Sets.

As far as available patterns?  I know they came in Cornflower because I have both pieces.  There appears to have been a P-86 (but no P-22) made in the Limited Edition Platinum Filigree pattern as well.  They may have been available in All White, but that has not been confirmed yet.  It should be noted that the Cookmates (which are white) were released in 1966.  The Cookmates pieces work just as well on the P-12-ES Electromatic Heater base as they do on the "Counter that Cooks", for which they were originally made.

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. Shane!, Does your dutch oven have a flat bottom? I have this set, which I purchased from an estate sale. It has the heater base, with the fence. But the 4 quart dutch oven has the black Cornflower stamp on the bottom. Did they make special flat bottomed versions for this?

    1. Hi Esther!
      Thanks for inquiring... Yes, the Electromatic Dutch Oven (P-86) has a flat ground bottom, like the P-22 Electromatic Skillet. I have often seen the 4 quart Saucepot (P-84) paired with the Elecctromatic Skillet base, because they are technically the same piece. One just has the flat ground bottom and the other doesn't. The P-22 Skillet is the same... It's a P-16-B with a flat ground bottom.


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