Monday, October 13, 2014

"My Collection" Monday - Prepare to be Amazed!

I received some incredible Corning Ware collection photos from Bonnie in San Jose.   I am in awe!

1 Liter/Quart Saucepans (Spice O' Life, Cornflower, Forever Yours, My Garden "Traditional", Shadow Iris, Sunsations, Fruit Basket, Shadow Iris, Rosemarie, Blue Dusk, Silk & Roses, Provincial Blue, Blue Velvet)

1.5 Liter/Quart Saucepans (Fruit Basket, Lyrics, Spice O' Life, Symphony, Summerhill "Centura", Cornflower, 3rd edition Floral Bouquet, Autumn Meadow "Imoco")

2 Liter/Quart Saucepans (Spice O' Life, Forever Yours, 3rd Edition Floral Bouquet., Oceanview, Fruit Basket, Orchard Rose, Shadow Iris, Country Festival, Wildflower, Pastel Bouquet, Provincial Blue, Abundance)

 3 Liter/ 2 1/2 Quart Saucepans (Trefoil, Forever Yours, Country Cornflower, Pastel Bouquet, Duck)

5 Liter/Quart Sauce pot (Pastel Floral, Garden Harvest)

Baking Dishes (Wheat, Cornflower, Cornflower roaster, Wildflower, Country Festival)

Menu-ette Saucepans and Saucemakers (Spice O' Life Menu-ette, M-68-B Microwave Saucepot, Shell Oil's Green Macrame - 9 inch skillet and the Menu-ettes)

Petite Pans (Lots of Cornflower, American Oil Star pattern, Fresh Cut, Spice O' Life, Peach Floral, Country Cornflower, Fruit Basket)

Sidekicks & Baking Trays (Conventional and Microwave browning)

Merry Mushroom (Corning Ware Round)

Centura & Buffet Servers (Centura White Server and Butterscotch Round)

Casual Elegance (White Flora)

My Garden (on French White), Classic Black & Designer Casserole (April)

Christmas pieces

Grab-Its and French White

Even the "Copy Cats"  Anchor Hocking Cookware (pulled from the market in 1969), Mikasa Fire & Ice (by Narumi) and Arcoflam Nouveau from France (made For Princess House) with Pyrex Fireside tinted lid.

WOW!  Is all I have to say.

Where is your Corning Ware??   Seriously....   Send me pictures of your pride and joy pieces at


  1. Wow. I AM amazed! And love how all those different dishes look stacked on atop the other in varying designs and colors. LOVELY...!

  2. And now you have gotten me hooked on collecting..and cooking.