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Flower Power! - The Floral Bouquet (1st Edition) Limited Gift Line

Though the Floral Bouquet pattern is covered in "the books".  I think these dates refer only to the 2nd and 3rd editions of the pattern (1970-1975) at which point a larger selection of pieces were in production.  1st Edition Floral Bouquet, however, was originally released in the fall of 1969 as a Limited Edition Gift line, just like Platinum Filigree (1966), Renaissance (1970) & Nature's Bounty (1971).   Unlike the other 3 gift lines, however, Floral Bouquet evolved over time, even before breaking out into a full fledged line.

At the end of 1969 Corning released just 3 pieces.  Similar to the Platinum Filigree Gift Line, the Party Buffet (1 3/4 quart) and the Royal Buffet (2 1/2 quart) were chosen.  However, unlike Platinum Filligree, the percolator released was a P-119 Stove Top model instead of an Electromatic (P-80-EP or P-6-EP).  It should be noted here that some of the P-119 percolators are marked as P-219, which means they were originally intended to be sold as "Just/All White" percolators, but apparently the popularity of the pattern forced Corning to dip into their "Just/All White" back stock to produce more Floral Bouquet percolators

These 1st Edition Floral Bouquet saucepans featured a wrap around pattern of white flowers in "negative" due pale avocado outlining and gold linen textured background print.  The matching percolator did not have a wrap around pattern, merely a portion of the design was set front and center.

As with all of Corning's Limited Edition Gift Lines these Floral Bouquet pieces were sold in specially designed boxes featuring a unique numbering system.  Thus, though the piece itself may be marked as a P-1 3/4-B, the box, containing the dish, lid and candle warmer cradle, was labeled as P-520.

Now this is where it gets fun.   Apparently, the gift line was a huge success, so Corning scrambled to add more pieces to the line.. Thus, in early 1970, more pieces were added, though not ALL had the floral pattern.  A couple of coordinating solids were added to break up the busy-ness of the design, when it went to the table.  After all, serve ware should compliment your table, not perpetrate a chaotic assault on your visual cortex.

Added to the original 3 pieces were the P-1 1/2-B with plastic trivet (box P-510), along with a new option for the P-1 3/4; being the plastic trivet (box P-515) instead of Family Buffet candle warmer (box P-520).  The solid complimentary colors were an Avocado P-2 1/2 with Candle Warmer (box P-517) and a Butterscotch P-1 3/4, also with Candle Warmer (box P-516).

1st Edition Floral Bouquet (and coordinates) kicked off what would become a tradition for Corning's "Limited Edition Gift Lines"; the "special" lids.  While Renaissance and Nature's Bounty both had pebble textured lids, the 1st Edition Floral Bouquet & Complimentary Colors had a ceramic knob that literally screwed down onto a threaded stump on the top of the lid. 

These knobs matched the dish.  

Floral Bouquet print pieces had white knobs (to match the negative space flowers) the Butterscotch Party Buffet had a butterscotch knob and the Avocado Royal Buffet had an Avocado knob.

The lid sizes are equivalent to the standard sizes, but followed by an extra C in their model number.  Thus, the P-1 1/2-B and P-1 3/4-B both have a P-7-CC sized lid and the P-2 1/2-B has a P-9-CC sized lid regardless of the knob color.

Though Floral Bouquet changed to the solid yellow background in late 1970 (2nd edition) it appears that a few other pieces were produced in the 1st edition pattern before the change to the design was made   The P-22-B Electromatic Skillet would be one of these pieces.

I also tracked down a P-80-EP Electromatic percolator... Alas, it was smashed during shipping because the seller did not properly pad the heating element inside..

To date, I have found no catalog information giving a date for the addition of these 2 pieces to the Gift Line.

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. I have a P-219-B in what appears to be this first edition. Yellow, kinda cross-hatch looking background avocado outline. It Was The First Vintage Piece I Got. Been Collecting Ever Since.

  2. I have the P- 1 3/4- B Party Buffet dish but alas, not the original lid.
    It is my first piece of vintage Corningware. I look all the time but blue cornflower and spice something or other are all I ever see. Thank you for this thorough information on corningware.

  3. Thank you for the information!
    I have a first edition saucepan with warmer, still brand new but unfortunately without a box.

  4. I have a p80 electromatic percolator in floral bouquet

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  6. I have a floral bouquet casserole dish with a lid with a white ceramic knob. On the back it says P -2 1/2 - B. Is this worth anything

  7. anyone interested to sell their floral bouquet casseroles??


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