Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bringin' My "A" Game - My P-Series Cornflower Collection (Part 4)

I am an avid collector of  P-Series CorningWare, however, as a general rule, I have no interest in the A-series post 1972.  There are several reasons why, but suffice it to say I just steer clear of A-series pieces.  That is, until it comes to Roasting Pans.  One can never have too many Roasting Pans/Baking dishes.  Having given up my Pyrex baking dishes over a year ago, because they are made out of cheap soda-lime glass now, instead of the original borosilicate formula, I was in need of something to replace said Pyrex.  I already had my P-series roaster/bakers....

(P-21-B sitting on a P-76-B)

(P-19-B "Roasting Platter" w/ optional rack in P-19-M cradle)

But I really needed a few others... I decided that I didn't want just more of the P-series.  Thus, though slightly out of my normal realm of collecting, I began amassing a set of A-series Roasters. (I don't know if it can be considered "amassing" if there are only 2, but....)

(A-18 sitting on an A-76)

The dimensions of the A-series roasting pans are slightly different, being slightly more square, while those of the P-series are more oblong.  Having a set of both gives me more mealtime options.

I am still looking for an A-21-B and an A-21-B-N, but the -N has the same dimensions as my French White & French Bisque A-21-B Roasting pan, so I am not in a hurry.

In case you were curious the small A-18 was a replacement for the P-332 from the previous post.

Though I usually consider the P-332 to be a "Baking Pan" it is large enough to fit a rather substantially sized chicken for roasting.  But the dimensions of the A-18 are even better.

So, I am sufficiently armed for dinner preparations... After all, if one needs to make a triple batch of Moussaka while simultaneously roasting a Chicken, baking a double batch of Enchiladas AND preparing a Raspberry Meringue for dessert, ya gotta be able to bring your "A" game.  I'm just sayin'.

Where is your Corning Ware??

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  1. Im forever looking to replace a large lasanga pan that was from the 60's. I havd 2 large roasters, but what Im looking for accomodated the large, old school size lasagna noodles. It woukd have been about 21" in width. What can yiu recommend?


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