Friday, May 9, 2014

About Town With Corningware - Blue Daisy & Primavera?

It's been a while since I have done a post on patterns.  Though there are a couple of gift line patterns left for me to cover at some point, I have pretty much covered all the "main" patterns.   Occasionally there are some strange ones that I have no idea what they are called or whether they were simply test patterns. 

That would be this one, that I found several weeks ago....   I have dubbed it "Blue Daisy", but Lord only knows if that is the actual name or not.  

It was an A-series piece (because of the wider lugs) but it was completely unmarked.  I am pretty sure it was either an A-8-B or an A-2-B depending on when it was manufactured. 

My guess is sometime before 1985, because it still had the depressions under the lugs for the A-10-HG handle to attach securely.

Unlike the Blue Daisy, some other mystery patterns are easier to identify simply because they match some of the Corelle patterns.  This is by no means the definitive pattern name, though.  Sometimes pattern names changed depending upon which product they were used, even though they were designed to coordinate together.  Oceanview (CorningWare Traditional Square/French White and Corelle), Mediterraneo (Corelle only) and Bahia (Corelle only) are an excellent example of this. All 3 designs are variations on the same pattern however, the Corning Ware version looks like this..... and as far as I can tell, is actually called Oceanview.

Thus is the case with this pattern...  I have only seen it once, and will probably never see it again.  It looks just like the Primavera pattern that was used on Corelle in 1999. 

I am assuming this was an extremely short lived CorningWare pattern, since Borden, Inc. filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter and was reorganized into World Kitchen, LLC.  (peddlers of stoneware and soda-lime glass) I have no idea how many different pieces have this design applied, I have only seen a 1.5 liter sized one in person and an A-5 online from Australia.  I am not sure how many other sizes were made in this pattern.

Where is your CorningWare??


  1. I found a 3L Primavera in my mother-in-laws cupboard. Quite cute :)

  2. We have a piece of Primavera cookware, no lid. If you are interested let us know. BTW, we are in the US

  3. I recently acquired a the Primavera A-1-B, A-11/2-B and A-2-B. I am in Canada.

  4. I recently found two 2 quart pieces in Maryland, USA.

    1. -- That should be 2 Primavera pieces!


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