Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Looks Like Fine Crockery... Acts Like Corning Ware Cookware - My French Bisque Collection

Well, I thought this collection was complete.  I was even proud of myself for tracking down 2 pieces not listed in the "books".  Those would be the F-6 (1.8 liter Shallow Open Baker) and the F-21 (4.5 liter Open Roaster).

Then while searching on eBay a couple weeks ago, for some strange reason a set of 4 "stoneware ramekins" showed up in my search list.  I looked at the picture of the bottom really closely and realized what they were......   500ml (16oz) F-16 Ramekins in FRENCH BISQUE.  WHAT?!?!?!  They had been completely miss-listed as 60ml Corning Sandstone Stoneware Bowls. (and yet they still showed up in my search list)

I thought it was a rather serendipitous opportunity...  Sadly, someone else found them as well and beat me by 50 cents when I wasn't looking.  It was a rather depressing development, but it happens.  After all, I can't spend ALL my time cruising eBay. Suffice it to say, that my once complete collection is not so complete anymore.  That's OK, I have seen them, I am now aware that they exist, and it give me something to look forward to finding in the wild.

F-2-B (2.8 liter) Deep Covered Baker (DC-1 1/2-C Pyrex Fireside Lid) sitting in the F-4-B (2.5 liter) Shallow Open Roaster

F-5-B (1.6 liter) Souffle (G-5-C Pyrex Fireside Lid) sitting on the F-1-B (2.5 liter) Souffle (G-1-C Pyrex Fireside Lid) sitting in the F-3-B (24cm) Quiche Baker 

F-12-B (1.8 liter) Deep Covered Baker (F-12-C Pyrex Fireside Lid) sitting in the F-6-B (1.8 liter) Shallow Open Baker sitting in the F-21-B (4.5 liter) 14x11 1/2 Open Roaster/Lasagne Pan.

You may have begun asking yourself.... "Where does he put all this Corning Ware?".  Luckily, with the French White/Bisque/Bleu/Classic Black line, the answer is simple.  They were resigned to stack very compactly.  This is why there are technically only 4 lids for all the pieces.  Oh, you can add lids.  The V-14-C will fit on the F-4-B if you really feel you need it.  But originally, only the deep casseroles & the Souffles came with lids... all the shallow dishes were lidless.  THUS, they can stack up like this...

and leave a very small footprint within your cupboard.

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. Shane, FWIW, my French Bisque F-2 and F-6 came as one set with the lid. I had the original box for a long time...then I tossed it out! Aaaack!

  2. Surprised to see set of french bisque. They are so hard to find. Could you tell me if they are stove top safe?
    since on the bottom it only says oven and microwave while some other pattern indicated (range to microwave). That really confused me. Don't want to exploded such a nice bakeware if it is not stovetop safe.

    Thank you

  3. Christina, thank you for asking that question. They are actually stove top safe, they are just a little difficult to use, due to the lack of handles.


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