Sunday, April 20, 2014

Flying in Under the Radar - My P-Series Cornflower Collection (Part 1)

I decided that if I was going to "show-off" my P-series Cornflower collection, I had best do it in parts... cause there is a WHOLE lot of it....

So, let's begin from the end....

After the "P-Series" had been replaced by the A-series in 1972, there were still a few pieces here and there that leaked through with "P" designations...

1979 saw the release of the P-89-B (2 1/2 cup Saucepan with a pour spout)

(sold with the 6 1/2 inch skillet "P-83-B" as a "Duet Set", though the P-83 had been around since 1966 and was originally part of the Menu-ette set)

Gourmet Skillets with "Non-Standard Bolt-On" handles (there is a screw and they can be disassembled for cleaning)

Though the first Gourmet Skillet (P-910-B) was released in 1970, the 8 1/2 inch version (P-908-B) didn't make an appearance until 1972, the very year the A-series replaced the P-series.

Both the P-910-B and the P-908-B were discontinued that same year. (thus the P-908 is a little hard to come by)

These skillets were available with or without the lids, P-910-C and P-908-C.  The P-910 was available in Cornflower, "Chelsea Blue", "Avocado Green" or plain White, however,  when the P-908 was released, it was only available in Cornflower and plain White. 

There was one other piece supposedly released in 1972...... The P-332 Oblong Baker (2 3/4 quart).  I am not completely convinced about this date.  I have seen the "Wheat" pattern in this piece and as far as I know, Wheat was discontinued by 1970, because the pieces are not marked "for Microwave".

This piece would eventually be replaced by the A-18-B, but that didn't happen until around 1977 (about the same time the A-21 & A-76 Roasters finally replaced the P-21 & P-76 Roasters). 

Mind you, this is only the Cook and Bakeware..  The Percolators, Drip Coffee Makers and Beverage Servers are another story all together.

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. I've been making a lot of soups lately in my 5 qt. It works for me a lot better than using a crockpot. I can do it in less time, at the same time being able to adjust the heat, lift the lid, taste test and throw in an extra ingredient. I am really happy you turned me on to the stove top ability of Corning ware.

  2. You wouldn't even want to see my CW collection. I easily have close to 100 pieces, don't ask me why :) I find that as you use them more and more, the shiny interior can become a bit dull (admittedly this takes quite a while if you treat the pieces well) and when this happens they are more susceptible to staining. Whatever I have to tell myself to buy nearly any half-decent piece of CW I see!

    Certain pieces you just have to pick up if the price is right and they are in good shape. Who cares if you already have 2, or 3? :)

  3. I just found this page is I was looking for information on the 910 and the 908 I just picked up at an antique store. They did not come with lids but I got the bigger skillet for $15 the smaller one for $10.

    1. I am also pretty sure that the random round glass lids I got at a garage sale low summer might actually fit them. When you find pyrex lids for a dollar you buy them.


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