Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sidekickin' it Old School - Corning Ware Sidekick Giveaway

It is the last half of another month....   Time to give away another piece (or two) of Corningware rescued from the local thrift store.

Two Sidekick plates (P-140-B) to accompany the Grab-it line produced in the late 70's and 80's.  Not as vintage as I would like to get, but they are fairly convenient to have around.   Everyone should have a sidekick.

They are great for Mise en place, or to hold Cornbread sticks when eating Chili, my grandmother used 1 as a butter dish and her others as bread and butter plates.  They even make great spoon rests.

These two are from different periods in Corningware's history.  The one with the printed bottom is from the 70's  (4 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches)

and the one with the embossed bottom is from the 80's after the switch to metric. (22cm x 27cm)

You will probably notice that I am using Punchtab for this giveaway.  Again.  Even though it caused problems the last time.

I went and checked out Rafflecopter and, well to be honest... It sucks.  That is, unless you pay them a monthly fee.  Once you shell out some coin, they suddenly let you use the features that you really need to be able to use to run a giveaway.   Oh, it has a couple things you can do, like leave a comment.  That pretty much covers it except for the ability to "like" a page on facebook.  Honestly though, if you are reading this post, chances are you have already liked "Culinary Alchemist" on facebook, so that is really not any help whatsoever.

Speaking of facebook.   You can enter this giveaway with your facebook id instead of your email address, but that is as far as the facebook'ing goes for this giveaway.  I have been doing some reading and it is actually a violation of the facebook's guidelines for me to be making people "like" or "share" to enter any sort of giveaway, and I don't want to loose my Fan Page.

Here is a snippet from Blogging Basics 101....

"Can bloggers ask for Facebook Likes as an extra entry for contests or giveaways that they host on their blogs? The answer is no. You simply cannot ask for Likes as any means of entry. Not the main entry, nor as an additional entry."

As a result, FB is gone...  No likes, no shares... Nuthin.  It's all OK though.  You can still Comment, Pin, Follow on Twitter, and Tweet.  As a bonus, if someone clicks the link in your tweet, you get an additional entry.  You can even +1 this post on Google+ this time.   :-)

The giveaway entry period will run from 6 pm Sept. 19th thru 11:59 pm on the 30th of September.  You can only "Pin" or "Follow on Twitter" once, but you should be able to comment and tweet this post multiple times.

A winner will be chosen at random by PunchTab on the 1st of October.  I will email the lucky recipient from my own email address to request shipping information, just in case the auto-email sent from PunchTab triggers people's spam filters.

Good luck to everyone!

Where is your Corningware??


  1. Recently I picked up several sidekicks at my thrift store. But I was wondering if there was any dish that you could cook in these?? Can't think of any thing. We use ours for serving corn on the cob.

  2. I use my grab its almost everyday for one thing or another.

  3. The lack of handles makes them a little cumbersome for the stove top. The reason Corning released these "Solo" pieces was for their convenience in the microwave which, for all intensive purposes, usually entails "heating up" already cooked food.

    However, I have found, if you do not mind eating from a very hot plate. That they are excellent for dividing different dishes up that need to be finished in the oven. I use them for "presentation" after making Mac & Cheese. Once the pasta is coated, divide between the Sidekicks before sprinkling with bread crumbs and place them under the broiler to get that crispy coating.

    I have made mini-Bananas Foster (non-alcoholic version) in the oven with them a couple of times as well. But again, you usually have to serve with an under plate, because the dish gets fairly hot in the oven.

    Individual Nacho servings also work well. Simply layer refried beans, browned beef, salsa, black olives and shredded cheese, then bake until the cheese melts. I always place them on a baking sheet, just in case it bubbles over.

  4. I have never found one of these dishes. Hope some turn up when i am out treasure hunting.

  5. I have an 8x8 square that I use for snack cakes and brownies. It was a wedding gift from a friend in 1970.

  6. I love my 8x8!!! I use mine for the same thing, brownies, blondies, bar cookies..... Love it!


  7. Took a road trip today and hit an outlet mall on the way just to visit a The World Kitchen. Gosh the stoneware dishes are awful! Love my old stuff even more. I purchased nine more grab it bowl plastic covers. The sales woman told me I can call the store direct, order what i want and they will ship at no charge. Just thought i'd share.

    Denise K.

  8. That is awesome news! Did they have the glass covers too? The closest Corning/Revere outlet for me, in Corbett Oregon, is clear up in Centralia, Washington. There use to be one at the Lincoln City outlet, but it closed years ago.

    I had heard that they are making the Petite Pan lids out of glass again (P-41-GC) though they are made overseas in Taiwan. I have been wanting a couple glass lids for a while. I just can't bring myself to pay $19.99 on eBay for a single lid.

    Maybe I should give the Centralia store a call and see if they can ship a couple to me. I hate using the plastic lids in the microwave.

  9. Congratulations, Katherine!


    Shane; Regarding the WK store, I believe that anything that can be purchased through the website can be ordered over the phone from one of their stores and shipping is free. I will have to call one and see if that works. I didn't have time to do to much browsing - just ran in and out with my plastic lid purchase, but I did see glass lids for sale. I thought they looked cheap. If I were you I would be patient and wait for one to turn up in a thrift store. I recently purchased two different FW glass lids, an oval and a round, each were less than a dollar on half price day. Oh the joy when I reunite a dish with a lid.

    Happy treasure hunting.

    Denise K.

  10. Ooo. I have a set of six of those and six of the French White ramekins (for pot pie). I also have a set of the larger version in French White with plastic lids. Not sure I have enough lids for all of the French White as I think I picked up a few online or at a garage sale later. I love those for two enchiladas and a dollop of beans on one end and a bit of rice on the other. They fit a slice or two of lasagna too. I love them for leftovers and then reheating in the microwave.

    Are these the pieces inspired by airline dishes? I'm single so these sidekicks and the slightly larger French White oblongs are perfect for me. I can make a full recipe of something, then divide it up in these dishes and put some in the freezer, some in the refrigerator and I'm set for reheating by any means I like: microwave or oven.

  11. There were some handles made for the P-140 - but the were used in the food service with airlines. I have been able to fine ONE in about 10-years. I have had the attachment part custom made and will be making 12 additional handles. Anyone interested in buying a handle should eMail me Thanks!


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