Saturday, September 5, 2015

Rival Crock Pot with Corning Ware Booklet - Scanned

So, I have had this as a gigantic 89 MB .tiff file for about a year.  WAY to large to do much of anything with.  But I finally found a converter that I could live with (meaning it was free)..... So now it is a mere 3.8 MB .pdf file.

Apparently, these Rival Crock Pots (with Corning Ware A-3 insert) were only made in 3 patterns.  Forever Yours (above), Shadow Iris (below)

and Country Cornflower.

(photo courtesy of Aiden)

Since Forever Yours was available from 1990-1993 and Shadow Iris was in production from 1985-1995 and Country Cornflower was produced from 1988 to 1993, the pattern overlap occurs between 1990-1993.. Thus I am assuming, since no other patterns seem to exist, that this is the time frame of the Crock Pot's production.

I continue to hope that I will run across a White or Beige one, but to date, I still haven't.

Happy Crock Pot Cookery!

Where is your Corning Ware (Crock Pot)??


  1. Love love this cocktail pot. I've had the cornflower pattern since the early 90"s. I have had several other brands but this is my favorite.

  2. Why did Rival stop making the crock-pot with CorningWare?

    1. I know, right...? Best invention ever!

    2. Production stopped when Corning Ware sold the company. You can tell which products are before or after being sold because the old trade mark had Corning Ware as 2 words; and the new company has it as one word (as in CorningWare). All the best stuff is from before the company sold.

  3. It is the only crock pot you can pre-cook on burner
    and then place in crock pot and serve in same casserole
    & reheat in same casserole next day if desireds

    1. Such a great kitchen workhorse. So sad they quite making them.

  4. Had mine for years and still use it. Have 2 white 3 qt dishes so I can switch out. Oven to table and no washing in between. Didn't know about other pattern. Have the Shadow Iris.