Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pretty Pansies for Auntie Patsy - Secret Summer Blush Collection (with extras)

I don't really know if this counts as a "My Collection" post or "My Collection Monday" post.  Technically it is still in my possession, so I guess for all intensive purposes, it is my collection at this point.

You see, I have been secretly amassing a collection of Summer Blush, to give to my Aunt Patsy, cause she loves pansies.  (Though after she sees this post, it won't be much of a secret anymore)  LOL

I will admit I have had to throw in a couple of "Just White" pieces in to round out the set.  Electromatic Skillets were discontinued in 1976, so they are not available with a Summer Blush Skillet since the pattern wasn't released until 20 years later in 1996.

A-1.5-B with A-7-C lid sitting in an A-2-B with A-9-C lid.

A-1-B with A-7-C lid sitting on a second A-2-B with A-9-C lid sitting on an A-5-B with A-5-C lid.

M-10-GR Grill Pan (I need to find her an A-10-HG handle for this one)

This is actually a Cookmates Skillet (10 inch) with a P-12-C lid on the original P-12-ES Electromatic Hot Plate.

It's almost a complete set of Summer Blush, though I am still watching for an A-3-B and an A-21-B-N Roaster... I am also thinking that I should probably find her another A-1-B (you can never have too many 1 quart saucepans). 

Where is your CorningWare??

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