Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bitter Sweet Wheat - W-57 Deluxe Tea Kettle

This was another one of the "difficult to verify" pieces.   Unlike the W-23-EP percolator, however, I actually knew this one existed.  I guess that would make it more of a "difficult to get my grubby hands on" piece.   Posession of this piece has taunted me for years.  I had been SO close; and yet so far.  I had no idea how many were floating around out there.   I discovered the existence of this piece on eBay in May of 2014.  It was located in Wisconsin, but I went ahead and purchased it (shipping was a little cheaper back then)  Sadly, the trip to Oregon did not go well....




Even though the seller issued a full refund, I was very depressed about it.  I would much rather have had the piece.

After much searching (almost 3 years of searching), another one finally appeared... This one only had to travel from Lacey, Washington and arrived completely intact.  WHEW!

This piece is more often found in Blue Cornflower but, surprisingly enough, appears to be the most common in the Cookmates version (TK-2) with the flat ground bottom.  Don't ask me why.

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. Corning Ware is so durable. Some postal worker must have chucked that package really hard!

  2. I m not really a kitchen person. Moreover not even literate enough to buy a piece of crockery. But crockery has always attracted me and this piece is beautiful sleek and fine.

  3. That's still such a contemporary looking piece, imho. I cringe when I see broken items in shipment...lost a rare lamp that way, but it was my fault packing it for Greyhound to "handle" it. Nice piece you found!


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