Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cracking the Cradle Code - Corning Ware Cradles

It was recently brought to my attention that I have not really discussed Corning Ware cradles.  To date, I have only touched on adding rubber feet to the bottoms of the Platinum cradles and run through the chrome cradles used for French White pieces, but that is about it.  So, I am going to attempt to clear up any potential confusion in translating the model numbers on the bottoms of some of the cradles.  Because the original Wire Cradles from the 1st & 2nd generation are not marked with model numbers, I will be skipping those and stating with the Platinum Cradles and the later A series cradles.

Platinum Cradles

Platinum cradle model numbers are located on the underside of the cross pieces.  "Corning Ware" is embossed on one side while the model number is embossed on the other.  

Sizes are as follows:
P-1-B, P-1 1/2-B & P-1 3/4-B Saucepans 

P-2 1/2-M-1 &
P-11-2 1/2-M-1
P-2 1/2-B Saucepan 

P-7-B Skillet 

P-9-B Skillet 

P-10-B Skillet 

P-16-B Chicken Fryer

P-119 & P-116 Stove top Percolators

Candle Warmer cradles were usually sold as sets with their corresponding dish ( Party Buffet and Royal Buffet) however, they were available separately a well.  These cradles made their debut with the Trefoil pattern in 1960 and remained in production through 1971, at least, since they were used with the 1971 gift line (Nature's Bounty)

P-1 3/4-W
P-1 3/4-B to create Party Buffet P-20

P-2 1/2-W
P-2 1/2-B to create Royal Buffet P-40

8 hour candles for use in Candle Warmer Cradles

There is a single woodgrain on plastic cradle used specifically for the 1st Edition Floral Bouquet Gift Line.  This cradle/trivet was available for the 1 1/2 quart and 1 3/4 quart (though the 1 3/4 quart was also available with the Candle Warmer cradle above)

P-1 1/2-B & P-1 3/4-B Saucepans

With the advent of the A-series, Corning released a new cradle style called the "New Dimensions".  Made of a thick black plastic resembling Bakelite...  These cradles were reversible thus one cradle could hold 2 or 3 different sized pieces.  

The cradle sizes are as follows:

A-1-B & A-1 1/2-B Saucepans

A-2-B & A-3-B Saucepans & A-8-B Skillet

A-10-B Skillet, A-5-B Dutch Oven & A-84-B Sauce Pot

Corning also released some wood cradles in the mid-late 70s labeled as "Wooden Accessory". 

These are clearly marked with their intended saucepan/skillet usage.

Sizes available were as follows:
A-1-B, A-1 1/2-B Saucepans

A-2-B & A-3-B Saucepans & A-8-B Skillet
A-10-B Skillet, A-5-B Dutch Oven & A-84-B Sauce Pot
P-81-B, P-82-B, P-83-B & P-89-B Menuette/Duette Pans
All Beverage Servers

There is another set of cradles that, though unmarked like the wire ones, should be mentioned, simply because they are often ignored.  The Buffet Server cradles.  

(front left)
B-1 & B-1 3/4 Saucepans

(back left)
 B-2 1/2 Saucepan & B-8 Skillet

(back right)
 B-4 Sauce pot & B-10 Skillet

(front right)
 for use with S-1 & S-2

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. oh nice, these are exquisite. perfect stuff for my kitchen ware. Thanks alot mate, im a surely show this to my ladies.. Hope we can get our hands on them someplace too.

  2. I'm doing some research on mom's kitchen items. This was quite helpful.

    1. I have a cradle that is marked P-11-2-1/2-M-1, and is 11-3/8" x 7-3/4" from handle to handle edge and side-side edge. I don't see it listed above - is this a print error?


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