Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Looks Like Fine Crockery... Acts Like Corning Ware - French Bisque Collection Complete

It was April of last year when I first posted pictures of my French Bisque set.   I had originally thought the set was complete, until I discovered there were F-16 ramekins as well.   Evidently, these were sold with larger sets of the pattern.    It has taken almost a year, but I FINALLY got my hands on some...  Thanks to a friend in one of the Corning Ware groups on Facebook and a little help from Classic Kitchens & More....  

Finally, after all these years...  the entire French Bisque collection is ready for a family portrait.

So here is the breakdown of French Bisque, produced from 1982-1985 and sporting the original Pyrex Fireside tinted lids. (OK, 1 lid that is not original)

Top to Bottom:  F-5-B (G-5-C lid) - 1 1/5 quart Souffle, F-1-B (G-1-C lid) - 2 1/2 quart Souffle, F-3-B - 10 inch Quiche

Top to Bottom:  F-16 - 16 oz Ramekins, F-21 - 4.5 liter Open Roaster

Top to Bottom:  F-12-B (F-12-C lid) - 1 1/2 quart Casserole, F-4-B - 2 1/2 quart Open Roaster (The F-14-C lid is not original to the piece)

Top to Bottom:  F-6-B - 1 1/2 quart Open Roaster, F-2-B (DC-1 1/2-C lid) - 2 1/2 quart Casserole

(The DC-1 1/2-C lid will also fit on the F-6-B roaster if needed)

And there you have it ALL 8 pieces of the French Bisque Collection..  Why there were substantially more pieces made in the French Bisque pattern than there were of either the French Bleu or the Classic Black is anybody's guess.

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. I just bought two pieces of this yesterday thinking it was really dirty French White. I put it in the dishwasher, and it looked the same when I took it out. I then did some searching and found out this is actually the pattern I am wondering if the brown on the outside has a little bit of texture to it? Also, is all of the bisque pattern Pyroceram? Why do some items of corning have raised letters and some have the stamp? Thanks for any info you can give me!

  2. Yes, there is a little bit of a texture to the French Bisque... Like little paint speckles. The enameling was designed to mimic old stoneware, but they are still made of Pyroceram. Which is why they are so white on the inside. During the time that French Bisque was released Corning went through a stamping change. The Block stamp was phased out in favor of returning to the embossed stamps on the bottom (or under the handle lug if they were present) in about 1984/85/86 - depending on the factory that was pressing out the piece.

  3. The F-1-B 2 1/2 quart dishes are also great (with glass or plastic lid) as tortilla warmers! I also use a clean dish towel to line the bottom and fold over the top before placing the lid. Love those dishes that can be used for multiple purposes donchano!


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