Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wonderfully Winsome Wheat - My W-Series Wheat Menu-ette Set

Yes, it is official now.   The Corning Ware Menu-ette Set was manufactures in the infamous Wheat pattern.  I have tracked down all three of them over the last few months.  It all began with the W-81 (the 1 pint P-81-B menu-ette) that I found in Medford, OR.   The "hunt" began, though I was worried that it may have just been a promotional piece and that the full set have never been produced.


It is interesting to note, that the W-81 & W-82 both have the 1960s marks on them.....

While the skillet has the later 1970 mark on it with the little Cornflower and "For Range & Microwave" added.

This only shows that the Wheat pattern lasted at least until 1970... though not past 1972 when the A-Series began.  Since none of the books mention a definitive timeframe of production, nor do they list which pieces were produced.  Wheat is still kind of an enigma.

Where is your CorningWare??

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  1. Congratulations! Happiness is a complete Menuette Set. I think the saying goes something like that, anyway.


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