Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Steamy! - The Arcoflam "Nouveau" Steamer Insert

This site is technically about Corning Ware and it's use and care, however, every once in awhile something comes along outside of the sphere of the Corning world that begs to be made known.  Thus is the case with my post on Princess House Nouveau pieces by ARC (Arcoflam).  Tough in truth, they may or may not actually be Corning Ware under a different name.  This still remains unclear.  But the piece that I recently found is most definitely clear and though made by ARC and not Corning, Inc. it has the advantage of functioning with some Corning Ware pieces.  Thus I introduce to you.....

The Acroflam (Nouveau) glass Steamer Insert.

I already have the Microwave Plus steamer (M-225) with the accompanying plastic steamer basket, but in all honesty, I use that as a display piece.  It's not just because I don't cook food in the Nuke-U-Lator...  cause the whole thing is stove top safe as well.  I would never cook my food in plastic.  It sort of defeats the purpose of using Corning Ware in the first place.

Originally designed, I believe, to fit the 2 3/4 saucepan or the 8 inch skillet (neither of which are in my possession, as of yet)  from the Princess House Nouveau line of cookware.  The best part, honestly, is that this steamer assures that your food never touches metal or plastic.  It's made of Boro-Silicate glass, just like the original Pyrex formula.  (World Kitchen now makes tempered Soda lime glass under the Pyrex name)

The lid for these is marked with "France" and "20cm", that is all.  The knob on the lid is plastic, which is kind of a bummer, but it assures that there is something cool to grab a hold of when the steaming is done.

The current models, cause they still make them for the "Pyroflam" sold on the European market, have a arched glass handle....

I like this design a little better, but truthfully... If it's a choice between $4.99 as the Good Will or $55 + shipping off eBay... I'll deal with a plastic handle.

Now you may be asking yourself, "What good is this steamer if you don't have Princess House Nouveau pieces?"   Well let me tell ya....  I have a couple pieces of Nouveau, and I would like to get a couple more, BUT, I have discovered that this steamer fits on several pieces of vintage Corning Ware.  I was more than just a little excited about that.  Let's begin with the French... after all, this piece was made in France, so I think it's only fitting.

It will work on the F-8-B, which is the French White 8 inch Quiche baker.  Sadly, the 8-inch size was released well after the Bisque and Bleu era and wasn't included in the Classic Black line up, so it's only available in the basic French White.

It will also fit on the F-1-B, being the French White 2 1/2 quart Souffle baker.  This piece IS available in Bisque as well as Bleu, however, this size was not included in the Classic Black.

So if you are looking for an excuse to utilize your French White on the stove top, this steamer gives you an excellent opportunity to try it's chops.

The final piece, that I have found to work with the steamer, is the N-2 1/2-B or 2 1/2 quart "Rangetopper".  (these are the pieces with the Aluminum applied to the bottom or embedded within the bottom)

I am not sure if it works with the 2 1/2 quart saucepan from the S-series "Range top" line. (these are shaped exactly like Visions cookware and do not have aluminum bottoms)  I do not own any of these pieces because they were released well after the Wheat pattern was discontinued and I have yet to see one in Cornflower.  I am pretty sure I never will, simply because they were released in the late 80s and I believe Cornflower and Spice of Life had been discontinued.  They are, however, available in Peony, Shadow Iris, Peach Floral & Country Cornflower... at least, those are the ones I have seen.

And there you have it, a lovely cross-pollination of Arcoflam and Corning Ware, working together to create a delicious meal.

I love this stuff.... 

Where is your Corning Ware/Arcoflam??

Update:  4/29/2014 - I dug through a box in the garage and resurrected that Microwave Plus Steamer..   The Princess House Arcoflam Steamer fits perfectly in the M-225.... Almost like they were made for each other. 

I am quite pleased... Needless to say, the M-225 isn't going back into the box in the garage...  though the other parts will remain there in. 


  1. Wow! This is, indeed, a very cool piece! I love it when things work together! I wonder if it might work with the Corning B-2 1/2 -B Buffet Server?

  2. Sadly, it doesn't. The 2 1/.2 quart Buffet Server is a little bit too big around (being 8 1/2 inches) the steamer sits down inside it. I suppose it could work that way, I just don't know how good of a seal it makes. I was really hoping that it would fit. I was out and about yesterday afternoon to get Power Steering fluid for my car at Auto Zone. It just happens to be next to the GW in Gresham. SO of course I had to poke my head in.... Found an S-2.5-B (Range top Saucepan) I almost bought it so I could see if the steamer fits, but it was in Country Cornflower (not a favorite by any means) and in SUCH bad shape that I didn't think I could actually get it clean enough to re-sell and I didn't want to be stuck with it. LOL So I left it. Thus they mystery remains as to whether or not it will fit the S-2.5-B

  3. Any idea if another Pyrex lid will fit on top of this if you find the steamer basket without its lid?


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