Vintage Corning Ware Patterns - 1958-2001

Welcome to the consolidated "Patterns" page.   Up until the publishing of this page, all patterns postings have been within blog posts, which makes research a little difficult.  Thus, I have decided to build this page in an effort to consolidate pattern information in one convenient place.

This page covers vintage "Corning Ware" patterns ONLY on traditional square shapes and French White.  It does not include the Centura Cook n' Serve patterns nor the Buffet Servers/Corning Ware Round pieces.  These will be added on a separate page at a later date.

Patterns are listed in alphabetical order (mostly) with dates of production (if known) as well as any special lids that may have accompanied the pattern.

It should be noted that the Pyrex Fireside Tinted lids, found on most "beige" Corning Ware patterns, were discontinued in 1995.  Thus, any beige pattern that was produced after 1995 would have been sold with clear Pyrex lids at that point. This is a conundrum for several patterns that actually span this year; like Abundance and English Breakfast.  Both of these patterns were sold with Fireside lids until the end of 1995 and clear lids starting in 1996.  On the brighter side, it also helps to narrow down the dates of questioned patterns such as "Duck"...  It's ALWAYS seen with Fireside lids, thus, we know that it was produced no later than 1995.

I placed a couple of the more obscure patterns at the end of the list, since I have never been able to find any information on them.

Abundance (1992-96)
(Beige w/ Pyrex Fireside or Clear Lids)
All/Just White (1962-2000)
All/Just Beige (1990-??)
(w/ Pyrex Fireside or Clear lids)
American Oil Star (???-1972)
(Promotional Item for Customers)
April (1977-79)
(Designer Casserole)
Autumn Meadow (1984-85)
(Imoco Direct Mail Order Exclusive)
Bicentennial Eagle (1976)
(A-1 1/2-B only)
Blue Cornflower (1958-1988)
(1993-1994 for 35th Anniversary)
(2009-Present as Vitroceram, France)
Blue Dusk (1994-97) Blue Heart (1998) - Lifestyles Line
Blue Heather (1976-1979)
(Designer Casserole)
Blue Velvet (1997-98)
Callaway (1998-2000)
Callaway (1994-2000)
(French White)
Calypso (1994-2000?)
(Casual Elegance)
Christmas Tree (1996-??)
(Furio Home Christmas Tree)
Classic Black (1990-94) Country Cornflower (1988-93)
(Also on Beige w/ Fireside lids - Rare)
Country Cottage (1997-98)
(also on "Simply Lite" Vitrelle Bakeware)
Country Festival (1975-76)
(not Friendship, that is Pyrex)
Deco (1985)
(Classic Elegance)
Delicious (1992)
(French White only)
Duck (pre-1996) - Lifestyles Line
(Beige w/ Pyrex Fireside Tint Lids)
Early American
English Breakfast (1995-98)
(Beige w/ Pyrex Fireside or Clear Lids)
English Meadow - 1st Edition (1989)
English Meadow - 2nd Edition (1994)

English Meadow - 2nd Edition (1994)
(French White)
Fall Leaves (??-1968?) Farm Fresh (1996-??)
(Beige w/ Pyrex Clear Lids)
Floral Bouquet 1st Edition (1969)
(Limited Edition Gift Line - P-Series)
Floral Bouquet 2nd Edition (1970-1971)
(P-series Only)
Floral Bouquet 3rd Edition (1971-1974)
(both P-series and A-series)
Forever Yours (1990-1994)
(Beige w/ Pyrex Fireside Tint Lids)
French Bisque (1982-1985)
(Pyrex Fireside Tint Lids)

French Bleu (1983-1984)
French White (1978-2001)
(Current French White is Stoneware)
French White (1999-2000)
(Blue Rim)
French White (1997-2001)
(Gold Rim)
French White II (1995-2000)
Fresh Cut (1997-98) Friendship (1996-97)
Fruit Basket (1997-98)
Fruit Basket (1997-1998)
(French White - Spring Green Lids)
Garden Cat (????) Garden Harvest (1994-96)
Harvest (1970) Indian Summer (1977-79)
(Designer Casseroles)
Jardin (1986-88)
(Classic Elegance)
J C Penney Exclusive (Pre-1972)
Lyrics (1995-96) Meadow (1977-1979)
(Designer Casseroles)
Mille Fleur (1985-92)
(Classic Elegance)
My Garden (1999-2000)

My Garden (1999-2000)
(French White - Spring Green Lids)
Nature's Bounty (1971)
(Limited Edition Gift Line)
Oceanview (1997-98)
Oceanview (1997-98)
(French White)
Orchard Rose (1992) Pastel Bouquet (1985-90)
Peach Floral (1987-91) Peach Garland (1987-1990)
Peony (1989)
Pink Trio (1996-99)
Platinum Filigree (1966)
(Limited Edition Gift Line)
Provincial Blue (1992-??)
Quilt (1994) - Lifestyles Line Renaissance (1970)
(Limited Edition Gift Line)
Rosemarie (1995-97)
(Also on Beige w/ Fireside lids - Rare)
Shadow Iris (1985-1995)
(2009-Present in France)
Shell Oil Macrame - Avocado
Shell Oil Macrame - Blue
Silk & Roses (1991-94) Spice o' Life (1972-1988)
Sticks (1986-88)
(Classic Elegance)
Strawberry Sunday (1980-84)
Summer Blush (1996-98) Sunsation (1996-97)
Symphony (1990-94)
(Beige with Pyrex Fireside Tint Lids)
(Also on White with Clear lids - Rare)
Trefoil (1960-1965) - with Variants
Top Variant ~ 1960-61
Middle Variant ~ 1965-66
Bottom Variant ~ 1961-1965
Wheat (1963 -1971) Wheat Floral (1966 - 1972)
(also "Green Wheat", "Avocado Wheat" or "Wheat Sheaf")
White Flora (1995-98)
(Casual Elegance)
Wildflower (1977-85)
Vineyard (1996-??)
(Casual Elegance - Platter only)
Mystery Patterns

Primavera (1999)
(A-1 1/2-B, A-2-B, A-3-B & 
A-21-B-N Roaster)
Bon Appetit (1999)
(A-2-B & A-3-B)
Black Star (Early 1960s)
(P-1-B, P-1 3/4-B, P-2 1/2-B, P-55/64 & P-34-B)
White Cornflower? (Mid 1960s)
(P-1-B, P-1 1/2-B, P-1 3/4-B, P-9-B & P-22-B)
Ducks and Game Birds (Mid 1960s)
(number of sizes unknown)
Patterns vary of Ducks, Partridge, & Geese

Percolator ONLY patterns

Platinum Starburst (1959)
(P-106, P-108)
Black Starburst (1961)
(P-108, P-116, P-119)
Avocado Medallion
(P-80-EP P-6-EP, P-116, P-119, P-146, P-149)
Blue Macrame
(E-1210 only)
Green Macrame
(E-1210 only)

"Say it with flowers" series

French Spring
Tropic Summer
American Autumn
Nordic Winter