Vintage PyrosilWare, Pyroflam & Arcoflam Patterns

This page is going to be significantly shorter than the Vintage Corning Ware page.  Currently, I am only aware of two Pyroflam patterns, so I have combined PyrosilWare (Corning Ware from the Netherlands for the European market) and Arcoflam (Princess House Nouveau) in an effort to flesh out the page a little bit.  Production dates for these patterns are unknown or best educated guesses.

              Cornflower (????)                                                                  Princess House Nouveau
                 (PyrosilWare)                                                                                  (Arcoflam)

               Blue Leaf (????)                                                                      Orange/Electro (1972-??)
                   (Pyroflam)                                                                                        (Pyroflam)

            Provence (1972-????)
             (AKA: Spice O' Life