Monday, October 16, 2017

Corning Ware Electromatic Percolator Cords - What You Should Know

There seems to be some confusion out there about replacement cords for Electromatic items.  Hopefully this post will shed some light on the subject.  I am going to focus primarily on Electromatic Percolators, however, cord replacement on the P-54 Warming Tray will be included as well.  But first, it is imparative that you know which percolator model you have, for not all cords are created equal.

There are 4 models of Electromatic percolator (2 of which are basically the same, just different cup sizes).  You must MUST MUST know which one you have.  I cannot stress this enough...   Percolators usually are not marked with their model numbers, but there is a simple way to determine your immersible heater module.  Look at the top.

                                 P-80-EP/P-6-EP       -       P-23-EP          -         E-1210

This is the top to the P-13-EP (Trefoil) P-23-EP (Cornflower) and W-23-EP (Wheat) percolator.  There is a black plastic version with no chrome, but the shape is unique - that is the important part.  Other patterns show up in this model, but they are generally designated as P-23-EPs (Ducks being one of them)

This heater module takes a standard appliance cord that you can purchase at the hardware store (#30123) for about $3.99.

This heater module is the ONLY one that will take that cord.  NONE of the other 3 models can use this cord as a replacement.

Now let's take a look at those other modules...........

This is the P-80-EP Heater Module (the P-6-EP module looks the same, just a little smaller).  This module was also used for the P-480-EP & P-406-EP (Platinum Filigree) and the W-80-EP & W-6-EP (Wheat) as well as the P-280-EP & P-206-EP (All White).  Other patterns appear in this model of percolator as well, though they are generally just P-80-EPs or P-6-EPs.  (Green Wheat, Morning Glory, Early American, Floral Bouquet, Avocado Medallion and, of course, Cornflower)

This is the E-1210 Heater module.  All patterns of this percolator are designated as E-1210. (Spice o' Life, Country Festival, Floral Bouquet, Blue Medallion)

I will type it again..... These 3 percolator models (P-80-EP, P-6-EP and E-1210) will not work with the same appliance cord (30123) that can be used on the P-23-EP models.  These 3 models have a proprietary plug that used a special cord.  (P-6-HC/E-1210-HC)

They can be found on eBay, ranging in price anywhere from $20.00 to $42.00, depending on how money hungry the seller is.

Incidentally, the the prong spacing is the same as that of the P-54 Warming Tray, thus cords are swap-able between these items.

Where is your Corning Ware??