Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Growing Like a Wheat - My Corning Ware P-Series Mystery Wheat Collection

Thanks to one of my FB friend, Heather, my collection of "Harvest" Wheat has grown by another member....  I do not know what the official pattern name of this one is, but I like it.  I usually call it Wheat Sheaf, but Harvest Wheat, Golden Wheat, Avocado Wheat and just Green Wheat are some of the names I have seen.  I emailed the Corning Museum of Glass to see if they could help me in identifying this pattern, but I have received no reply as of yet.

So far I have accumulated a P-1-B, which is sitting on a P-1 3/4-B which is nestled in a P-21-B Roasting pan...

This is all I have seen so far, but if there are this many pieces, there are probably others as well.  Though which sizes, I cannot say for sure.  The entire Black Trefoil set, for example, consists of 2 Stove Top Percolators (6 & 9 cup), an Electromatic Percolator (10 cup), 1 3/4 quart & 2 1/2 quart Saucepans, and an Electromatic Skillet, so which pieces, if any, are still out there is anybody's guess.

I know it's not a "Test Pattern" because all the pieces are marked on the bottom with their appropriate model numbers and none of the test patterns I have seen, to date, have numbers printed on the bottom or under the handles.

Update 9/3/2014:  Special thanks to Fransisco for sending this great photo.  It appears that the P-41-B Petite pans came in this pattern as well.

As of 07-28-2022, the name of this pattern has been revealed as "Avocado Wheat" available exclusively to Atlantic Richland Company card holders (ARCO gas) around 1970.

Where is your CorningWare??

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