Monday, April 14, 2014

"My Collection" Monday - A Bevy of Beverage Makers

I am very excited.  I asked a couple weeks ago for all y'all to send me pictures of your Corning Ware collections and Max, in Arizona, has the honor of being the first "My Collection" Monday post.

He sent me a picture of all his Beverage Makers.  An awesome collection of Cornflower pieces....

From left to right...  3 cup Teapot (P-103), P-57 Deluxe 2 quart Tea Kettle, 6 cup Teapot (P-104), in the back looks like a P-119 Range Top Percolator (9 cup) and in front of that, a P-116 Range Top Percolator (6 cup) then a beautiful 8 cup Teapot (P-105) with the Drip Coffee Globe (P-118-U) which when originally sold with the accompanying teapot, it was re-numbered as P-118-B instead of P-105. (a little information tidbit).  On the end is the 6 cup Range Top percolator (P-166). 

Last, but certainly not least, 2 awesome Cornflower Blue Coffee Mugs made of Suprema Ceramic Glass. Suprema, while still a ceramic glass, is made of a slightly different formulation than the original Corning Ware formula or the Centura formula. These were released as part of the 35th anniversary celebration of the Cornflower in 1993 along with the "Cornflower" Corelle pattern (made of Vitrelle laminated glass).

An AMAZING Collection, I must say.

Thank you for sharing, Max.

So hey everybody, where is YOUR Corning Ware??


  1. What a collection! I did not realize there were so many pots.

  2. Shane, thanks for posting my collection! I am honored that it could be part of your awesome blog. I enjoy trying some of your recipes, keep up the good work!

  3. I think the P-104 teapot is more fairly described as a 4-cup teapot. I have one and I can push it to 5 cups if I fill to the neck but not really any more than that. If you look at the P-166 you have in the photo (on the far right) and compare that with the P-104 second from the left you can also see that it is very different in capacity rather than the same as listed. (NOT to criticize. -- you are a WEALTH of information and I really appreciate how much your sharing of your knowledge of Corning Ware has helped me~~~!!!!)


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