Pattern Names and Numerical IDs

Below is the list of the suffix number associated with Corning Ware Patterns. Though some patterns have their own Prefix (W - Wheat & F - French White shape) and others have different series numbers (200 for White and 400 for Platinum Filigree) the vast majority have a numerical suffix that identifies the pattern.   e.g. Shadow Iris A-1-B is actually an A-1-333 versus an A-1-8 which would be a Spice O' Life 1 quart dish.  

These pattern numbers are not usually found on the dishes themselves but rather on the boxes in which they came.   Sets are most often seen with these pattern suffix numbers.  e.g. The A-130 is the Meal Maker set (A-1 1/2-B and A-3-B with both glass lids and plastic storage lids);  in Abundance, the box would be marked A-130-381 while Fresh Cut would be A-130-212 and Pastel Bouquet would be A-130-93.

You may have noticed that most of these numbers are from the post 1972 A-series era (Including the specialty percolators and teapots) while pieces from the earlier era (like Wheat and Platinum Filigree) are identified differently..   I believe this has to do with the sudden increase in amount patterns being produced after 1969.. A new numbering scheme was necessary and the numerical suffix was their solution.

As stated earlier, Platinum Filigree Gift Line from 1966 was 400 series (P-480-EP, P-406-EP P-420 & P-440).  The Floral Bouquet 1969 gift line was 500 Series (P-519, P-517, P-510).  Floral Bouquet Gift line appears to be the end of that model number system. When the pattern was released main stream in 1970, it became pattern -4. Subsequent Gift Lines were denoted by their year of production; Renaissance is -70 and Nature's Bounty is -71.  Spice o' Life became -8, Country Festival was -9 and for some reason that I am completely at a loss to explain, Wildflower (which was released after Country Festival) is -7.  This makes me wonder if the design was already submitted and planned for future release, even before Spice O' Life went into production.  More mysteries of Corning Ware.

During the "Pattern Era" (the 90s) Corning revamped their numbering system again.  Strange order numbers consisting of 8 digits, beginning in 600 became the new normal.  However, some patterns are still referred to separately by a pattern number within the catalogs, though they are no longer part of the order numbers.

There is 1 case of pattern suffix numbers being re-used.  The suffixes from the Floral Percolators and Garden of Teapots were recycled 5 years after their production ceased to denote the Designer Casserole patterns.

Pattern Name Suffix
Abundance 381
American Autumn - P-80 Percolator 16
April - Designer Casseroles 14
Avocado Medallion -Percolators 3
Bantry - P-104 Teapot 12
Blue Dusk 147
Blue Heather - Designer Casseroles 11
Blue Velvet 205
Blueberry - P-168 Designer Teapot 60
Callaway 246
Canterbury - P-104 Teapot 10
Chelsea - P-104 Teapot 13
Chocolate - P-168 Designer Teapot 57
Classic Black 133
Country Cornflower 337
Country Cottage 245
Country Festival 9
Cranberry - P-168 Designer Teapot 59
English Breakfast 178
Floral Bouquet 4
Forever Yours 177
French Bisque 55
French Bleu 56
French Spring - P-80 Percolator 17
French White 022
Fresh Cut 212
Friendship 207
Fruit Basket 210
Garden Harvest 106
Indian Summer Designer Casseroles 12
Just Beige (Almond) 33
Lancaster - P-104 Teapot 11
Lemon - P-168 Designer Teapot 58
Lyrics 281
Meadow - Designer Casseroles 13
Nature's Bounty 71
Nordic Winter - P-80 Percolator 14
Ocean View 218
Pastel Bouquet 93
Peach Floral 336
Primavera 219
Quilt 171
Renaissance 70
Rosemarie 279
Shadow Iris 333
Silk and Roses 338
Spice o' Life 8
Summer Blush 202
Sunsations 198
Symphony 98
Tropic Summer - P-80 Percolator 15
Wildflower 7