Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Baker's Dozen - My P-Series Cornflower Collection (Part 3)

It's time for the bake ware portion of my collection...  There is a lot of it because it's what I like to do best.

The P-315 Bread Pan and the P-332 (2 quart) Baker. (Though this could be considered a small roasting pan as well)  Sadly, the plastic lid on the bread pan is the victim of age...  and being kept in the box for a very long time... 

Then there are my baking "sheets" the P-35-B broil and bake trays (Shown in both the original and modified design)   I only have these 2, but I would like to have a couple more.  I would also like more than one of the P-35-M cradles... 

Then, the Pièce de résistance of my Corning Ware bake ware collection... the P-321 and P-322 Cakes Pans and P-309 Pie plates.

I know it looks like "hoarding", but I assure you it's not.  I discovered a while back that it breaks the fundamental laws of the universe when a German's Chocolate Cake has anything less than 3 layers; thus, three P-321s were an absolute necessity to ensure the Cosmos remains intact.  Besides, this family LOVES German's Chocolate Cake.  I would like to have another P-322 "Utility" pan (Square Cake/Brownie Pan), but it is not as much of a necessity as the round ones were.  I can still make Blondies and Brownies at the same time... So it's ALL kinds of good.

Where is your CorningWare??


  1. My P-35-B and P-35-M are my favorite CW Corn flower blue peices so far. My Piece de resistance is a 1 1/4 casserole with "Seasons Greetings 1960" and a trio of carolers on the front of the piece. I have been in touch with Miss Kitty at the Santa Fe Trading Post. Other than a 1963 "Seasons Greetings" casserole, she was not aware of any others. Check out the web site, we had a running thread. She got in touch with Kristine at the CMOG (Corning Museam of Glass.) Kristine did some checking but found no information. A mystery left unsolved. I imagine CorningWare 411 is quite an endeavor for you but don't ever stop!

  2. Hi Shane! I have been trying to find lids that will fit on my Corning P-315 loaf pans, but such lids no matter what brand seem to be pricey so I don't want to get it wrong. Do you know where I can find lids for these loaf pans? (Just looking for plastic lids. By the way, the yellow lid on your loaf pan above doesn't seem to be a Corning lid -- or is it?!) Thanks!

  3. P.S. What do you consider to be a fair price for a lid for these P-315 loaf pans?

  4. Avocadess - Sorry for the delay... I am not getting email notifications when people comment anymore, for some weird reason. Those plastic P-315-PC lids are really hard to find. Your bests bet is to check on eBay or Etsy, but chance are they will be paired with the loaf pan. They do have a tendency to yellow over time (as happened to the mine, which came from my grandmother) Something to do with the particular form of plastic they are made of.... The plastic petite lids will turn yellow as well. Good luck in your search!

    1. Thank you, Shane! Well, I discovered I can get entire Tupperware loaf pan with a lid for the same price of just a lid for the Corning Ware, so looks like I will be going with the Tupperware -- which will be handy for potlucks or anything like that where I need to care the food out of the house (and the better to protect my pyroceram, haha).


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