Thursday, August 15, 2013

Camping with Corningware - 4 cup Stove Top Percolator (P-124)

I love to camp and fish.  Not necessarily both at the same time (cause fishing can happen at any time), though I am not opposed to it (As was evident when I took off to the snake river for a week).  I am not, however, a big fan of the usual "camp" coffee.  Nope.  I usually grab my French press and pack it extremely carefully, or my stainless steel Moka Pot, or my Nepolitano or some other variation of coffee extraction.  It's not just me...  My dad has this awesome Coleman Drip Coffee Maker that sits on the burner of a Coleman and literally functions like an Auto-Drip, sans electricity.  Which, to me, is just about the niftiest coffee brewing gizmo I have seen since the Handpresso hand pump espresso machine.

Let's face it, I am just not a Percolator fan.  I'm Sorry...  I keep trying, but I just don't like perked coffee.

This is where the insanity irony comes in.  Yesterday, I rescued YET another Percolator from the Thrift Store.  (It looked SO depressed sitting on the shelf and being ignored by everybody)  It's the very small, and if I may say it, very cute, 4 cup P-124.  It's so tiny!   The best part, though, is that it has the pyroceram spout on it, like the teapots, and not the chrome one.  This means that it was never part of the recall because the handle is "clamped" on instead of being epoxy'ed.

It looked OK, from the "front" side, but turn it around and it appears that someone has used it for camping, cause it's burnt up the sides and all over the bottom.

It IS an excellent size for camping, I must admit, but tsk tsk. Obviously someone was in desperate need of morning caffeination, cause the flame on this was WAY too high.
It had some coffee staining on the inside, but I have seen a lot worse on other pots I have rescued.

Luckily, a little Barkeepers friend cleaned everything up like a charm.

Now, this beautiful pot is going to be repurposed.  And while I am not a big fan of percolated coffee....

I will simply store the perking siphon in a box somewhere, although it really is cool the way the lid clamps onto it.

Because this 4 cup Percolator (P-124) is the PERFECT size for making Hot Chocolate (not hot cocoa)....  The glass perk knob simply twists, and can be removed, leaving the perfect size hole to insert a moulinet (molinillo).......

and make some deliciously rich, frothy and satisfying Hot Chocolate.

Simply remove the molinillo (moulinet) and replace the glass knob to serve.  And what is the best time to serve hot chocolate?  Around the campfire...!  So I guess this little dude is still going to be roughing it in the wilderness from time to time.   I promise to keep the flames on the low side.

Where is your Corningware??


  1. I don't like perked coffee, either, but I am still jealous of your find.

  2. I'm kicking myself for not picking up a percolator and teapot combo I saw at a thrift shop earlier in the year. Both were priced at $3 each and the coffee pot had all of the parts. I thought that since I don't drink coffee or tea, I wouldn't have a need for it.

    But now that I'm in full-on Corning Ware collecting, I regret passing it by.

    I have to say the rescued pot looks just like new.

  3. That's great how you repurposed it for hot chocolate, Not something I would have thought of.

    Wish I could find a 4 cup pot. Congrats! You did good on this one.

  4. I LOVE perked coffee, it is way better than drip. I've been trying to find exactly what you have to no avail. People usually hate perked coffee because they burn it. Try the following:

    - if you want to use straight-from-the-basket use the coarsest grind you can make (assuming you buy whole beans). Otherwise there are paper filters you can get and you should be able to use drip grind size. You still might get a few grinds though in your cup but it is much less. This is the only downfall to perked coffee but I don't notice it, I find the flavor to be richer and cleaner and much hotter. Drip coffee is never the right temp after I add milk.

    - 1 tbs per cup and then add an extra tbs
    - turn heat to medium high - the second it starts perking turn down to medium or just under medium. You want it still perking but just barely.
    - let perk for 6 minutes
    - let sit for a few minutes to let any loose grinds settle (sometimes I prepare an extra cup without the intention of drinking it for this reason)
    - enjoy - and keep in mind it's much hotter than a drip maker

  5. Thanks for the tips Green Finch.

    I keep trying to use the Electromatic one, but you have no control over the perk time or temperature. It just does everything on it's own.

    Sounds like it's time to use my Stove top model. I still have not been able to find the filter papers you were talking about though... I have looked for them a couple times, but the grocery stores don't seem to carry them anymore.

  6. Green Finch, I'm with you on the taste of perc coffee. I grew up with it (glass Pyrex stovetop percolator)and done right, it really makes for a great cup of coffee.

    Shane, take a look at places like Ace or True Value hardware for the filters. Or be brave and just do without :-)

  7. Do you still have the inside parts? I would gladly buy them from you if you do. My mom received one of these from a friend and it didn't have the insides so all she can do is boil water in it!

    Charlena Bryant

  8. I have this in two sizes ... but am not a coffee drinker. Go figure.

    When I've used this I cleaned it by boiling water in it and adding a teaspoon of Cream of Tartar. Clean as a whistle.

    But do love the Barkeeper - which I use on other Corning pieces.

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  10. Looking to buy a 4 cup Corning P-124. If anyone knows of one for sale please have them contact me at 201-320-9598. Thank you. Stan

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  12. My 9 cup was a gift so many years ago and i guess it should be part of the recall. The handle is not clamped like your find. At least it doesnt look like it. So, i have never used it but was searching for info on using it for camping. I am cleaning out but cannot bring myself to toss or thrift it just yet. Maybe I'll look for something newer or like yours.

  13. Hi Shane
    Do you still have the inner parts?


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