Microwave Browning Skillet Patterns

Several companies ordered special microwave browning dishes from Corning to accompany their Microwave ovens in the 70s. Some of these companies had specific designs applied to their dishes.   The most common of all of these seems to be the Amana "cabin", partially because there are several size of browning dishes, partly because they were the original sellers of the "RadarRange" that started it all but also because this was their "logo" and was used on other items besides Corning Ware Browning Skillets.


Sears & Roebuck

Montgomery Ward


General Electric - Blue 

General Electric - Black 

Miscellaneous Patterns sold directly by Corning (or used by miscellaneous microwave retailers as a "Gift with purchase")

Blue Scroll


 (Not Corning Ware, made by Narumi in Japan out of Neoceram)


  1. Where can I found more out how to use the microwave browning skillet.

    1. Here is a post where I explain how to use one while malin a grilled cheese sandwich.... https://www.corningware411.com/2013/05/microwaving-with-montgomery-ward.html

  2. I realize this is not the best spot for this comment, but I couldn't figure out where to put it - more appropriate areas didn't seem to allow a comment. Thanks for all the info, it has helped me make sense of Corning Ware with one exception. What do the letters on a box after the "ID code" mean? For instance, A-1-8-WPC vs A-1-8-SR. What does the SR mean? What does the WPC mean? Thanks.

  3. Did the specialty casseroles come with lids? I have acquired a Montgomery Ward microwave browning grille and when purchased, it came with the dome lid, small knob. P-12-C


    1. Yes.. they were packaged with either a P-9-C, P-10-C, P-12-C, A-9-C or A-10-C.