Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Corning Ware Electromatic Percolator Cords - What You Should Know

There seems to be some confusion out there about replacement cords for Electromatic items.  Hopefully this post will shed some light on the subject.  I am going to focus primarily on Electromatic Percolators, however, cord replacement on the P-54 Warming Tray will be included as well.  But first, it is imparative that you know which percolator model you have, for not all cords are created equal.

There are 4 models of Electromatic percolator (2 of which are basically the same, just different cup sizes).  You must MUST MUST know which one you have.  I cannot stress this enough...   Percolators usually are not marked with their model numbers, but there is a simple way to determine your immersible heater module.  Look at the top.

                                 P-80-EP/P-6-EP       -       P-23-EP          -         E-1210

This is the top to the P-13-EP (Trefoil) P-23-EP (Cornflower) and W-23-EP (Wheat) percolator.  There is a black plastic version with no chrome, but the shape is unique - that is the important part.  Other patterns show up in this model, but they are generally designated as P-23-EPs (Ducks being one of them)

This heater module takes a standard appliance cord that you can purchase at the hardware store (#30123) for about $3.99.

This heater module is the ONLY one that will take that cord.  NONE of the other 3 models can use this cord as a replacement.

Now let's take a look at those other modules...........

This is the P-80-EP Heater Module (the P-6-EP module looks the same, just a little smaller).  This module was also used for the P-480-EP & P-406-EP (Platinum Filigree) and the W-80-EP & W-6-EP (Wheat) as well as the P-280-EP & P-206-EP (All White).  Other patterns appear in this model of percolator as well, though they are generally just P-80-EPs or P-6-EPs.  (Green Wheat, Morning Glory, Early American, Floral Bouquet, Avocado Medallion and, of course, Cornflower)

This is the E-1210 Heater module.  All patterns of this percolator are designated as E-1210. (Spice o' Life, Country Festival, Floral Bouquet, Blue Medallion)

I will type it again..... These 3 percolator models (P-80-EP, P-6-EP and E-1210) will not work with the same appliance cord (30123) that can be used on the P-23-EP models.  These 3 models have a proprietary plug that used a special cord.  (P-6-HC/E-1210-HC

They can be found on eBay, ranging in price anywhere from $20.00 to $42.00, depending on how money hungry the seller is.

Incidentally, the the prong spacing is the same as that of the P-54 Warming Tray, thus cords are swap-able between these items.

Fear not!   Even though the standard appliance cord does not function with these heater modules, you can "manufacture" one yourself, with a little ingenuity and instruction from a friend of mine on Facebook (Stanley), who demonstrated this technique on a Warming Platter a couple days ago.

First you will need a #31460 cord instead of  the one mentioned above for the P-23-EP.  I have only seen them in white, but they may be available at some locations in Black or Brown.  These cords are a little more expensive, at $5.99 instead of $3.99.

These 31460 cords are rated to 800 Watts at 120 Volts (standard home outlet).  If you read the bottom of the percolator heater modules you will find that the P-6-EP draws 400 Watts, the P-80-EP draws 641 Watts and the E-1210 draws 641 Watts as well. 

Take a look at the difference in the connector spacing between the two cords.

                                            30123                                             31460     

You will also need a pair of needle nose pliers that will fit into the socket holes.  It is necessary to alter the internal structure of the brass connectors, so they will fit over the prongs on the percolator heater modules.  If you look at the 31460 cord very closely, you will see that they are flat on one side and rounded on the other.  The intent is to  round out the flat side with the needle nose pliers so that they will slip over the plugs on the percolator heater modules.   Other than the connector shape discrepancy the cord socket is spaced almost perfectly for your P-80-EP, P-6-EP, E-1210 Percolators and P-54 Warming Tray.

Even after modification, the cord will not be a perfect fit (they are still a little tight fitting due to the socket spacing) but it is as close as you can get for the least amount of monetary investment.

It just takes a little patience and a lot of checking the fit to make sure you have not made the holes too big.

(I should not have to say this, but just in case --- Make sure the cord is not plugged into a socket)

Insert the needle nose pliers into the sockets and begin twisting them around in an attempt to round out the flat spot in the brass socket insert.  Medical pliers work even better or a set of graduated Allen Wrenches.

Test the fit occasionally, and continue to work at the holes with the pliers.

Eventually, the cord will fit onto the percolator heating element prongs (though it may not slide ALL the way on, due to the shallower depth of the plug.

Voila!   You have a cord for your percolator!  Happy perking.

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