Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Coffee's Glorious Morning - "Morning Glory" P-80-EP Electromatic Percolator

It's has been a while since I have written a new post for CorningWare411.  I was tied up in a kitchen remodel, the holidays and birthdays (this alone spans October 31st thru January 29th), book writing and increased work hours.  On top of that, I really didn't have any new and interesting pieces to share.... OK, I did, but I did not have time to write about said new and interesting, nor did I have any in-depth information about said new and interesting items.  After all, what is the use in posting about pieces if I cannot share any information on them?  That was when I realized I had forgotten the original reason I had started this blog on Corning Ware.

I have pumped massive amounts of information into the inter-ether over the last couple of years; multiple pages that list the pieces available in many patterns, lists of known patterns and dates of production, step by step recipes, as well as scans of Electromatic instruction booklets and Crock Pot manuals.  While I am very proud of the body of information contained on CorningWare411.com, and hope that people find it to be a valuable resource in their collecting adventure, that was not my intention when I started this 4 years ago. 

The original idea behind starting this blog, was simply to get information and photos out there as a "shout out" to fellow collectors who might be looking for information on, or have knowledge about, patterns, production dates, & pieces available.   Though Facebook groups have filled the bill to some level, not all collectors use Facebook and  FB data is not available to those not part of the hive mind.   Corningware411 was suppose to fill that vacuum and begin an open dialogue over the internet creating a community based body of knowledge available to all.  Not the singular source brain dump that I have been doing over the last couple of years - my brain is tired.  So I am taking this back to it's original roots, started in 2013, and simply getting those pieces out there for people to find; whether I have any information on them or not.

The first piece I would like to throw out there is a pattern that I was only privy to because of CorelleCorner.com (which is not longer a viable site).   I believe the picture that was presented on the site was of a SauceMaker, but I have succeeded in finding a P-80-EP Percolator.  CorelleCorner referred to this pattern as "Morning Glory" but I have not been able to verify that name is correct.

The only thing I can tell you definitively about this piece is based on the model of the percolator.  The P-80-EP, and P-6-EP for that matter, were introduced with the release of the Platinum Filigree Limited Edition Gift line in 1966.  This model of percolator was retired in lieu of the E-1210 in 1973.  Therefore, I can narrow the production date down to 1966-1972.

That's all I've got...  Discuss.

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