Friday, February 20, 2015

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Corning Ware - American Oil Star/Snowflake Promotional

Most people are familiar with the Shell Oil Macrame pattern that was made available, in either Blue or Avocado Green, to Shell Oil gas card customers as a special promotional item by filling out a special order form "flap" that was attached to the payment return envelope. (J C Penney, Sears, & Montgomery Ward use to offer similar "special items" to their department store card customers in this same way)   Even if people don't know ALL those details, most have at least seen the design in one color or the other.

What seems to be a lesser known item is the promotional design offered by American Oil. (I originally posted about this pattern in March of 2014 before I owned any of the pieces)

While it still remains unclear, at this point, whether is was offered IN the actual gas stations, or if, like the Shell Oil pattern, it had to be ordered via a form attached to your payment return envelope, the fact remains that American Oil offered it's own special Corningware pattern at some point during the late 60s and/or early 70s.   Unlike the Shell Oil Medallion, ALL of the American Oil items are P-Series pieces.  So while they may have been available to customers later than 1972, the pieces themselves were manufactures prior to this date.
This is my own personal collection of pieces to date....or should that be my "not" collection, since I technically do not collect this particular pattern (that's my story and I am sticking to it)

It includes the petites... P-41 & P-43

as well as a P-55-B Saucemaker (1 quart without the lid).  It is the "P-64" that normally comes with the lid...  Saucemakers that simply state "Saucemaker" are undetermined at this point.

A 1 quart (P-1-B)

1 3/4 quart (P-1 3/4-B)

and a 9 inch skillet (P-9-B)

Remaining pieces that I am currently aware of, but do not posses, are the 9 inch Pie Plate (P-309), the Bread dish (P-315), the P-4-B  1 1/2 quart Baker and a 10 inch skillet (P-10-B), though there may be others as well.   I think I saw a P-104 Teapot several years ago, but I cannot be sure any more. (I was totally fixated on the Wheat pattern at the time)

There seems to be some debate as to what this pattern depicts.  Some say it's stars, others say snowflakes.  Personally, since they are 5 pointed objects (not 6) and the company offering it was "American" Oil... I like to think of it as stars.  But in all honesty, Star or Snowflake, it really doesn't matter; it's the "American Oil" designation that is the most important.

Where is your Corning Ware??

Updated - 08/22/2015:
Since the writing of this posts, I have succeeded in getting my hands on the P-4-B (1 1/2 quart covered baker).....

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. I have a P-34-B 4 Quart Dutch oven in this pattern that was purchased from the store at the Corning Glass museum in New York, so not all of this pattern was only sold through mail order.

    1. That is most excellent to hear! That might explain how I found a P-34 in the Shell Medallion (Avocado) as well. Cause it was not part of the original lineup for Shell, but the original owner may have purchased it at the CMOG store. That also gives me hope that I will eventually run into a P-21 Roaster or a Percolator... LOL

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