Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coincidental Cornflower Collection - My Unintentional A-series Cornflower

I have said many times that I was never interested in collecting the A-Series Cornflower, at least not past the roasters...  Cause you can never have too many roasting pans.    There were more pieces made in the P-Series, and the P-series is the older of the two (being pre-1972) so I was all good with just concentrating on the original model series.  

Be that as it may, I sort of "fell" into a slew of A-series over the space of a couple days and it was all REALLY inexpensive.  My resolve completely crumbled.... SO, this is my completely unplanned collection of A-series Cornflower.

Top Shelf: A-18-B on A-21-B on A-76-B sitting on an 11x15 White Counter Saver that I stretched across the top, so I could add the roasters to the photo.
Second Shelf:  A-8-B in A-10-B
Third Shelf:  A-1-B on A-3-B on A-84-B
Bottom Shelf:  A-1 1/2-B on A-2-B, on A-5-B
Not shown...   A-22 Electromatic Table Range.  (I can only balance so much on my shelf)

Granted, I am still missing the infamous A-21-B-N (late model A-21 Roaster with handles on each end), but it will happen...  :)

Oh, that little blue box on the top, is the metal rack (A-21-R) that Corning made to fit all 3 of the A-series Roasting Pans.

Where is your Corning Ware??


  1. I found a Vintage -Blue Cornflower Corning Ware model P-84-B-5-qt with a lid. Odd part was when I look up that model number P-84-B it show it as a 4 quart. Does anyone know if this may be a rare dutch oven? I have seen very few on ebay or esty. I found this 5 quart at a tag sale here in southern california for a dollar. I was thinking of giving it to my sister she collect this blue flower cookware.


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