Monday, August 26, 2013

Cornflowers Here, Cornflowers There, Cornflowers Cornflowers EVERYWHERE!

I still find it quite laughable that, even though I detest the color blue, I have developed such a love for Cornflower.  Wheat and French White are still my all time favorites, but there is just something about that little blue cornflower.  It's not like normal blues.  I guess one can be a walking paradox if one wishes.

I don't like Navy blue cause it depresses me...  I don't like Cobalt blue because it just makes me feel nauseated.  Royal blue & electric blue are just so insidiously in your face, that is annoys me.  I don't like Robin's egg blue, because it feels cold and uncomfortable to me, as does most pale or light blues.  Neon blue (an 80's fashion don't) never should have existed in the first place. Sky blue is OK, but it belongs outside, on the sky, not in my house.  Mom's house use to be "dusty" blue ALL over the place in the 80's.  Blue carpet, blue paint, blue wallpaper in the dining room, blue dishes, blue table cloth, blue sofa, blue chairs, blue dish towels, blue curtains, blue background pictures, right down to the Christmas ornaments.... Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue!!!!     The inside of her Ford Escort Wagon was even Blue!   ARGH!

I use to hide in my blessedly calm and soothing BROWN bedroom ALL the time to keep from being assaulted by BLUE!   I am just an earth tone kind of guy.  Give me olive green, dark eggplant purple, rich deep orange, dark golds and browns. (which is why I love the Wheat pattern so much)

But as I stated, there is just something about that little blue cornflower.  It's a happy blue, it's a classy blue, and placed, as it is, upon a white background, it's a crisp and clean blue.  It's a bright and eye catching, yet comforting blue.  Maybe it's because I associate that little blue cornflower with delicious things coming from my Mom and Grandmother's kitchens. 

All I know, is that THIS is the only blue for me.....

And now it graces my dinner table, for I have found a couple of the Centura dinner plates to match the smaller ones I recently found at the Salvation Army store.

As luck would have it, though they are not part of the original dinner service, I found a couple of coffee mugs too.

These mugs were released decades later than the Centura dinnerware.  They are made out of, what I believe to be, Suprema, which completely supplanted Centura by the fact that it was microwave compatible.  Besides, the original place cups (with saucers) were of a similar "coupe" shape to match the dinnerware and did not have a cornflower on them, they were simply white.  (though the bowls, which I have yet to find, were solid blue)

So I just thought I would share an almost complete Blue Cornflower place setting.

It may not be actual Corningware, but all the pieces are some form of pyroceram, though both are glazed.  (Yep, Suprema has to be glazed too)

Where is your Corningware??


  1. inspired by your posts, I finally tried using my corning ware on the kitchen stove. I've done oven cooking but not stove top. I always worried about breaking it. I wouldn't have tried it except for what I have read here. Thanks.

  2. Can you guess what my favorite color is? Blue. What is really odd to me is that your blog is dominated by blue?? We moved around so much as a child that I don't have any particular memories of a certain color used predominantly in our homes decor. My grandmothers dishes were Jadite green and I have many fond memories of that. It is quite pricey to collect, and not usually found in thrift shops. I can always hope though. I did find two coffee mugs, but with how much coffee I require it would take too many refills to use them.

  3. In 1960s I sold my square brown polttery dishes, very expensive because they were so heavy and took up too much room iin my new roll a round dishwasher. I stilll have and use ever so often a set of eight place settings of centura cornflower blue by corning which is noted on back of each plate with words centura by corning in a rounded square..It is the origiinal pieces which are matched by covered cooking bowls, meat tree platter, tea pot, small tea pot and every piece they came out witih back then.. I added centura white by corning and Dansk Bistro white with navy rims. Still have a thing for blue. It is so cheerful and clean looking.
    Centura is heavier than the pyroceram I believe. Pyroceram hits the floor and explodes whereas centura like mine just breaks into pieces.

  4. Hello, I am trying to identify a piece I have and am having a hard time. It is cornflower blue with the raised embossed logo dated 1958-1959. But what I am having trouble with is the number on the bottom simple says “A-2”. I also have the Pyrex lid that is A7C. Any clues? On your site I only see the A-2 code but with additional letters after. I am stumped!


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