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Monday, February 23, 2015

Corning Ware Goes Platinum - Platinum Filigree Limited Edition Gift Line

I have covered every other Limited Edition Gift Line at this point, except for one.   The one that started it all in 1966.  The one that brides swooned over.  That classical beauty...  Platinum Filigree.

It really is the perfect design.  The gleaming platinum scroll work design coordinates with the modern dinnerware of today, just as well as it did in 1966.

Unfortunately for us collectors, there were only 5 pieces produced... 2 Saucepans, 2 Electromatic percolators and an Electromatic 4 quart Saucepot (P-86).  Just like it's Limited Edition Gift Line siblings to come, Platinum Filigree was packaged with "special items".  In this case, both the saucepans came with black and chrome candle warmers, transforming them into "Buffet" sets.  The 4 quart sauce pot (which I just recently learned about) was a P-84-B size with a flat ground bottom and was packaged with the P-12-ES heater base as well as the P-12-F Fence and the P-34-R rack (usually packaged with the P-34 dutch oven)

The P-420 Party Buffet set (1 3/4 quart in P-1 3/4-W candle warmer)

the P-440 Royal Buffet set (2 1/2 quart with P-2 1/2-W candle warmer)

the P-480-EP 10 cup Electromatic Percolator

and the P-406-EP 6 cup Electromatic Percolator...

While the Party Buffet, Royal Buffet and Electromatic Saucepot pieces were only available for 1 year, both the P-480-EP and P-406-EP Electromatic percolators were available until the spring/summer of 1969.

At which point they were finally retired to make room for the newest Limited Edition Gift Line that was to come out in the fall.  (1st Edition Floral Bouquet)

Where is your Corning Ware??

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